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located in The Rend, a part of The Rend, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rend



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Character Portrait: Khojin Malqir Character Portrait: Xinder Ouquid
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Xinder Ouquid

The printer was beginning to enter its final cycles, which Xin could tell from the fact that the shell was beginning to cool and the skeleton of a cube that was the printer itself. It was almost done. Then the motion tracker flared up as the small object, just barely big enough to register, was thrown towards him.

Not having time to quickly break his attention from the printer Xin caught the small crystal sphere without turning his head. Turning himself back to Khojin in reaction to the small object that was thrown to him, Xin examined it only for a moment before another beep came. Looking up, Xin caught the coat... with his face. Eventful.

Taking the coat from his face Xin caught only a few moments' worth of Khojin before she took to the skies. It wasn't the best jump that the soldier had ever seen, however, considering that she was in her birth body that was impressive. Then three little hops. Something is different. What the hell is different? Then hand on the ground and within another moment she practically soared into the sky. It was still a jump and, as such, she came back down.

This better not get in the body glove. Thought Xin as the dust cloud washed over him, along with the sound of coughing. Almost as soon as the dust cleared, Xin got both a full view of what the coat hid. Well, primitive clothing does have a tendency to hide things.

Khojin asked how high the jump was, catching Xin a little stuck in thought. Returning to the world outside his head he drew a line in the sand almost exactly a yard long. "Almost ten of these." With another moment's pause Xin registered the bit about tossing a rock. With a simple shrug he picked up the small stone. Light. Durable. Xin would have been more than able to chuck the rock well outside of what Khojin could reach, which he contemplated doing for a moment, before saying "You might want to get ready." When Khojin gave some signal of readiness, the soldier tossed his rock in an arc that tipped about 31 feet off the ground right over where Khojin stood.