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located in The Rend, a part of The Rend, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rend



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Character Portrait: Madison Lovette Character Portrait: Rasteva Character Portrait: Skip III Character Portrait: Vladimir "Verge" Moonfall Character Portrait: Azai
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My, there was so much happening. All around people were talking about battling each other and testing their abilities. He did not find any appeal in that. He had just marginally missed being thrown into the arena in his own world. There was no way he was willingly going to participate in this fiasco. He didn't have much physical ability and he wanted to keep what talents he did have secret from these people. Though he did come to realize that no on here was indeed going to hurt him, he didn't trust them. He straightened himself completely and made a show of dusting himself off, loosing interest in most of the others around him. They were all strange to him but he only took real interest if they themselves came over to him.

He looked between the cross dresser and the human with the shadow creature. Thus far they were the only two that took an interest in him so they would have to be watched. Why were they interested in him? There were other manner of creature here that were far more interesting than him. He crossed his arms and gave them both a fanged smile. He was momentarily distracted when one of the others came to him and offered him a pill. He accepted it and rolled it between his fingers. He didn't want to just swallow something. The man said something about being radioactive but he didn't really know what that meant. What if this pill was the real threat? He did note that others had swallowed the medication but just as many didn't. "Thanks," he offered before pocketing the pill for now. He'd decide if it was worth it later.

"I won't participate in this battle royale thing you are doing. I find it quite the bore. And that lecture sounds even more so. I'll pass thanks." Hell, maybe he'd be lucky and they'd all kill themselves. Fights like this never went well in the end. He would leave, but if there was a desert outside, staying in the arena sounded more appealing. There were walls all around and could choose a better vantage point. The desert sounded hot and annoying.

The spider turned his attention back to Madison and Verge then.

"I'll leave the dresses to you. You do look ravishing in it," he grinned. "And these aren't tattoos. They are natural markings," he explained to Verge. "Did you want to touch them?" he asked suggestively and let one of his fingers trace one of the lines on his exposed abdomen. He couldn't help it. He loved flirting with others and see how far he could get them into his tangled web before they realized their mistake or good fortune, depending on whether he was actually hungry or had a deeper desire.

Azai walked over to one of the bags on the ground and picked up the one that had fallen on him earlier. He didn't know what was in it but if it was something useful, he wanted to keep it. "I'll go to the benches," he said then to the two interacting with him and walked over to the wall. One his way, he made sure to reach a hand out to caress them both. He tossed his bag over the tall wall and easily climbed over it thanks to his sticky hairs and dropped down on a seat. He rested his feet on the row of seats in front of him and pillowed his head with his hands, effectively stretching himself out a bit.