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Lilia was surprised by how easy it was to get close to the prince and her body guard Julian. Sure she went through the normal screening required by the position but considering the recent assassination attempt, she had thought they'd be more... cautious. She was a random female stranger that had suddenly arrived looking for a job after all and the assassin in question was a random female stranger. Lilia knew she looked strange as well and yet there had been no flags raised. She wasn't complaining of course. It made things easier for her. Being the prince's bodyguard came with a lot of perks like being close to her target. She could weasel her way into his graces and make friendly with his trusted guard all the while interacting with the assassin locked away in the basement. All in all, she was in the perfect position to see the goings on around the target and eventually kill him and get Banshee out of the predicament she was in now.

She found it quite annoying that the organization blamed her for Banshee's failure. It wasn't her fault that the music was disrupted! That was their poor planning that got them all into this mess. She was at the party and she had tried to hurry forward and complete their task but by the time she realized that the prince's piano playing had stopped Banshee, it was too late. Julian had gotten their first and taken her into custody and the party had gone into quite the uproar with the sudden arrest and near death experience for their crowned prince. She had been forced to turn away like the other guests least she be caught as well. Regardless, Lilia now had to work her way back up least she be on the chopping block when this was over.

Lilia's pale hair cascaded down her back from its high pony tail though a couple of loose strands now settled around her face no matter how she tried to tuck them away. She didn't let the light tickle bother her as she walked, back straight, beside Julian and behind the prince. Her black sun-glasses rested against her chest from around a simple threaded chain around her neck just in case she needed them. Unlike the dresses she loved to wear, Lilia sported worn and fitted black leather that protected her skin from the sun's glare and allowed her the flexibility of movement she would require in the field. A black holster belt adorned her hips and was home to the various knives and poison viles she always carried. She could fight up close and personal, but she loved using her throwing knives. Since she had accelerated speed and strength, her knives had an extra punch to them and they were silent which was another bonus. Her attire was much conducive to a killer of the shadows and the sharp contrast of her pale skin made her look more like a ghost than a body guard but appearances were deceiving.

The agent was a bit apprehensive of seeing Banshee though. Banshee didn't speak, couldn't write, and didn't understand speech. For now anyway. The prince was trying to teach her all of these things and Banshee could very easily implicate her as her accomplice. If she showed that she recognized her, the questioning would be turned to her and she'd find herself beside Banshee in another cell. She couldn't let that happen but how could she communicate this to Banshee? She wouldn't understand. She hoped beyond hope that the other girl didn't say or do anything to make the two men or the doctor, for that matter, suspicious of her.

Lilia didn't make any indication of surprise when she heard Banshee call out from her cell. She was already speaking? And she spoke surprisingly clearly for someone who was never allowed to speak or taught how to form words. That was incredible! This doctor they harbored was either amazingly talented or the experiments Banshee had gone through gave her some sort of learning edge. She had a shorter time limit than she thought. Lilia needed to get Banshee out of here before she said anything about the mission. How much did she really know about the whole operation anyway? Lilia crossed her arms over her chest and tapped a gloved hand against her arm as she waited.