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Lilia glanced over at her fellow guard when she heard him murmur something and arched an eyebrow. She thought he would be looking at the prisoner but was surprised to see the man staring... at her. A blush rose in her cheeks, her condition making it much more discernible than normal. Why was the man staring at her butt for? He had other matters to attend to! Damn pervert. She thought he was good looking to but you didn't see her ogling him. She cleared her throat to get his attention but that didn't seem to help much. She reached over then to lift his chin and by definition, his eyes, to her face.

"Eyes up, Casanova," she said sweetly before she folded her arms over her chest again and turned her gaze to Banshee. The doctor was talking to her and she was speaking. She knew quite a few words. Damn she was good. Had she known how to say some words before? She had never heard Banshee speak so she had assumed the girl was mute or something so to hear her now... it was astonishing. And it seemed like she was listing titles and what she knew about them, hence why she called the prince her target. It was obvious she knew Julian from the files and the explicit instruction that she not harm him. Now her palms were seating in their gloves. She would say something about her! She knew it! She was going to identify her as something that she knew and then all of this was going to be over. She had a couple of daggers on her that were already poisoned. If she said something, she could quickly pull them out and with her current angle she'd be able to stab the prince but with the orders not to harm Julian... she wasn't going to make it far.

"Unknown," was Banshee's response when she got to her. Lilia could have given a huge sigh of relief with that one word. Good. She wouldn't give her away. Lilia only then noticed she had been holding her breath. She slowly let the air out to keep up the pretense of normal breathing. There was no reason to be anxious in this situation after all. "Where is the Music?" Where was the music? She frowned. Was that why the doctors couldn't control her right now? Was she hearing the soft music? She asked where the music was so maybe she wasn't hearing any of the music? That was strange. There was always one chip working. Why had the scientists stopped it? Or maybe the doctor of this country had taken the chips out of her ears? Her questioning about the music would make these people wonder though and they'd ask her questions regarding what that meant. She'd have to find a way to get her to stop asking that and bringing it up.

She let out a small chuckle and looked over at the prince. "It looks like she liked your music, Your Highness."