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A prince who, despite all common sense, strikes up smalltalk with an would-be assassin. He is naive, but very kind and almost alway willing to give another a second chance. He is also very curious and has taken in interest in Banshee, who seemingly stopped a perfect attempt on his life simply due to the music being played on the piano.

Has an unhealthy obsession with strawberries.


In all honesty, that was the first time anyone had ever referred to him as a target. And for it to be so frankly put was actually quite laughable. In a weird, twisted way, Slade got the feeling that this girl was very, very innocent. Someone who almost murdered him, yes, but judging by how she acted, this was something programmed into her rather than an action she personally wanted. As of right now, he didn't feel like she wanted anything. This was very odd, wasn't it?

Slade watched silently but with a smile as she began to stare at Julian. Immediately, she addressed him by his full name and even mentioned how he wasn't the target. That much made sense, as nobody with an actual intention of completing such an assassination wouldn't know about the very man who guarded Slade. It sounded like whomever sent her was definitely no incompetent, at least knowing to gather basic information regarding the prince himself and who was near him. Slade wondered just what other information these people might have.

"Unknown." the girl continued, this time looking at his newest bodyguard, Lilia. Of course, he expected that much. She was not hired until after the failed assassination attempt. It would make no sense if she knew about this person. Slade was none-the-wiser and didn't have any reason to be suspicious of his bodyguard yet. He ended up being more interested when she turned to the doctor and proudly declared "I speak".

So even someone like her can be proud? Interesting!

Slade's smile grew as she then bowed down in a manner that suggested she had rehearsed the action, and introduced herself finally.

"Hello. My name is Banshee." she said.

"That's a unique name."

Slade wondered why she was referring to herself as Banshee. It was obviously some sort of codename, rather than a true name. Did whomever she work for not even care enough to give her a human's name? Or maybe she had one but wouldn't betray it to them. True, it could all just be some sort of act, but if it was, Slade was sure he could at least catch some glimpse of it but all her actions thus far seemed genuinely... unfamiliar to her. He realized that in a way he was looking down on her as if she were some small child, but that couldn't be helped in this situation. Hopefully at another time, she could forgive him.

Ah, but seeking forgiveness from a would-be assassin is quite odd, isn't it?

"Music." she suddenly stated. Slade was confused just a little bit because it was so sudden. "How? You... the Good music. Where is the Music?"Banshee asked, acting almost desperate as she pushed herself against the bars of the cell she was in.

"Music?" Slade wondered, obviously not sure what exactly she meant by "good music" exactly. Did she like how he played the piano? One could only guess. But for her not to kill him just because of that... would be very odd indeed. Besides, he didn't think he was anything special when it came to playing the piano, to think that it saved his life...

"It looks like she liked your music, Your Highness." Lilia commented. Slade turned to his new bodyguard, an embarrassed smile on his face.

"You think? Aha, I'm not anything special though." he humbly dismissed the idea before turning back to Banshee. "I haven't any way to play music right now, but perhaps another time, okay?" he still wasn't entirely familiar with speaking to someone who couldn't actually speak. Hopefully, she would get even better and he would learn too.