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located in The Rend, a part of The Rend, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rend



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Character Portrait: Khojin Malqir Character Portrait: Ezenvare Queem Character Portrait: Xinder Ouquid
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Khojin caught both stones easily enough. The instant she did, however, a thought struck her; she twisted in midair, transferring both rocks to her left hand and chucking them behind her in one fluid motion. Still turning, she felt energy crackling in her right hand. She reached it out in the direction the rocks were presently ascending in as she herself began to descend. The energy in her hand surged, and an instant later a bolt of dark energy fired from her open palm, striking the closer of the two stones and causing it to explode into pieces. It was quickly followed by another bolt striking its cousin.

She took a couple steps back as she landed, watching the broken stones rain down on the desert floor. It was good to know she still had some of her abilities, even if she wouldn't get an accurate test of their power until she used them on something living. She also had to admit Xin's arm was impressive; she wondered briefly if the stone he'd thrown would turn up again at some point. Given how far it had gone, she liked to imagine stumbling across its shards at strange, utterly random points in their upcoming travels. Maybe if she found them all she'd get a prize.

She shook herself from her strange, rock-based fantasy and turned to see the Hei-Senn watching from the gate. She hadn't noticed before, but he seemed to have sprouted wings at some point, which were apparently wreaking havoc with his balance judging from the way he was leaning on his staff. "Enjoying the show?" she called to him, flexing slightly.