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A prince who, despite all common sense, strikes up smalltalk with an would-be assassin. He is naive, but very kind and almost alway willing to give another a second chance. He is also very curious and has taken in interest in Banshee, who seemingly stopped a perfect attempt on his life simply due to the music being played on the piano.

Has an unhealthy obsession with strawberries. He's probably the reason why Julian's hair is gray.

Having heard the Doctor's confident statement that he would get Banshee speaking within the week, Slade was satisfied and ready to leave. It helped that the would-be assassin seemed to want to learn as well, and the bit of progress she had shown already ensured that the prince would be able to hold an actual conversation with her by the time he returned. However, just as he had started to depart...

"Good Music. Happy. Calm." hearing Banshee suddenly speak caused Slade to turn around, raising his eyebrow as he did so. "And Bad Music. Anger. Hate." she went on to say, even gesturing to help them understand what she was trying to tell them. Slade begun to think about what she really meant. Good music was associated with being happy and calm? Bad music apparently was the opposite. Did that mean music was how she had been speaking until recently? His musings were answered immediately when she continued, still giving expressions to help in place of the words she couldn't yet speak. "Targets, Bad Music." Slade did not even have to hear the next part to realize what that meant, putting two and two together. For some reason, she would hear bad music whenever there was a 'target', which likely held true to when she was about to kill him.

Then that means...

"No Targets, Good Music."

Music replacing speech was something he had never heard of before, though he had learned before that some people expressed themselves in ways that would seem strange compared to the normal populace. Those people, however, were often artists and musicians who would write pieces or paintings with their true feelings attached to their work. Slade always felt like he was simply someone who could play a piano good, not excellent. With the sole exception of last time, he played someone else's tune, never once creating something from his own heart. What he did create was (he hoped) a tune that would remind people of a more peaceful time, yet he felt like his audience payed much more attention to the attempted assassination than the music he was playing.

"Target; Good Music. Where is the Music?" Banshee gave an oddly disturbing expression when she asked where the music was. Though if Slade suddenly found he was no longer able to speak, he felt he wouldn't be too happy either. Something must have gone wrong that day while he was playing the piano. This "music" she was hearing, good or bad, had been cut off for some reason and Slade couldn't figure out why. Julian, who had just as quickly figured out what was going on, did help the prince come to a conclusion though.

"If there was something in her ears when you apprehended her, then I don't doubt you might have destroyed it on accident. You aren't known for going soft on assassins, after all." Slade smiled at his friend, though he quickly turned back to Banshee while continuing to speak to Julian. "Of course I remember exactly what I played then. Didn't I tell you? I tried my hand at writing music. I'm still unsure if I should be happy that my music saved me, or upset that the first person to admire my work is an assassin." Slade shrugged. Truthfully, even if it were someone like Banshee, he was happy his music was good enough for someone. Despite his position as prince, he hated being in front of a huge audience and having the spotlight on him. If he were to mess up and ruin his image, it would hurt the family in its entirety, to have a fool of a prince. This was one of the reason he took his duties to the royal family so seriously, despite not being an entirely serious person to begin with.

"Just... Don't get any reckless ideas," Julian added.

Looking back towards his friend, pretending to be surprised at such an accusation. "What? Me, reckless? I'm completely appalled that you would even jest about that, Julian. Why, there's only one way I'll ever forgive you, you know? Since I'm a very kind and benevolent prince, all I ask is that you take this very girl who probably would've murdered me in cold blood if it weren't for... whatever happened, and escort the both of us to the piano so I can play a song for her. Sounds very reasonable, wouldn't you say?"

Then again, for all we know my music might switch her into some kill mode and we'll have to respond violently. That would be... unpreferable. Gambling like this is... definitely reckless.

Slade did his best impression of a puppy dog face. "Please?"