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located in The Kingdom of Anstice, a part of When the Music Plays, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Kingdom of Anstice



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At those words from his friend, Julian face vaulted. He literally fell to the floor in surprise and exasperation as he conveyed his intent. This, of course, was followed by Julian rising from the floor, fire practically burning in his eyes as he seized Slade by the collar and started shouting.

"Damn it Slade! Why do you always do this! It's as if you want to be killed or something! Do you have any idea how stupid this is! She can kill you and if she kills you, where does that leave me?! If you leave me in this world to become king, I swear to God, I will bring you back to life so I could kill you myself!"

Then, Slade had to give him the puppy face. He stepped back, crossed his arms, and stubbornly refused to look. They both knew he always gave in when Slade used "the face". For a full minute, he stood there, refusing to give in until, finally, he sighed and turned back to his friend.

[color=#000080]"She will be bound and we will put her here as soon as we're done. Understand?"[color=#000080]