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ImageLilia rolled her eyes when her fellow guardsman decided that Ma'am was her new nickname since she had settled on 'Casanova'. She did not like the nickname Ma'am one bit. It made it sound like she was...old. She was not a Ma'am but it seemed a bit pointless to argue about it now. They were supposed to be paying attention and observing the world in case someone tried to attack the prince so discussing silly things like nicknames was childish. She settled herself down and let her eyes scan the world around them. Julian was focusing on the prince and Banshee so the least she could do was make sure no one else suddenly appeared and while she did that, she could scout for additional ways in without alerting other guards. She would have to find a way in and out later after all. Now was the perfect time to scout since her wandering eyes would not be questioned in this context.

Then she heard Banshee as she continued to form her words and icy fingers slid down her back accompanied with the burn or anger. This little half-wit! She knew some words and of course she had to know the right words to go and spill everything! The prince and Julian now knew how the company was controlling her! How could she be stupid enough to go and blab all of this?! As soon as she learned how to form sentences, Lilia knew she would tell them everything! All these people needed to know now was who she was working for. Thank the heavens she didn't know that information. She was sure she'd tell them as soon as they asked. What was wrong with her? And here Lilia had thought she was smart because of her ability to learn so quickly. She was very, very wrong. In her opinion, the scientists needed just kill the little brat and let Lilia take over the mission. She was in a perfect position to kill the airhead of a prince anyway. She didn't see him or Julian as too much of a threat.

And to prove her point, the prince then asked them to bring Banshee out of the cell she was in so that he could play music for. He wanted to play music... for the person that tried to kill him. What was wrong with this prince? Julian was right, this boy did have a death wish or something. Or maybe he was just stupid. He acted more like a kid than a grown man anyway. Lilia took in a deep breath and let it out slowly to help herself calm her nerves. She realized she was just making herself angrier and getting frustrated at everything. If she let that continue, she may say or do something she regretted. She rolled her eyes when Jullian caved to the prince's puppy face. Was he a friend or a guard? A guard could not give in to his prince's 'puppy face' if he wished to protect him. She raised a gloved hand and rubbed her forehead and the bridge of her nose. The puppy face did not work on her in the slightest.

"This is not a good idea," she voiced then, "This is an assassin. She was trained to kill and she just admitted that music is involved it that process. This is too risky. If His Highness plays something that is 'bad' music, she may go into her killing mode. Yes he has me and you, Julian, but I do not think this is a wise decision." She hated that she had to say it. If Banshee could go into her killing mode, all the better since then the prince would be dead and Julian could kill Banshee and she'd be able to get the hell out of this place. However, she had to play her part well. "We do not know what 'good' or 'bad' music is for her. It is safer if we bring music down here and she stays locked up in the cell. This will prevent her from trying to run away, just in case. This could all be a trick. She is learning language at a remarkable speed. As far as I know, someone does not learn language that easily."