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A prince who, despite all common sense, strikes up smalltalk with an would-be assassin. He is naive, but very kind and almost alway willing to give another a second chance. He is also very curious and has taken in interest in Banshee, who seemingly stopped a perfect attempt on his life simply due to the music being played on the piano.

Has an unhealthy obsession with strawberries. He can think about things very logically, though it is not all the time he acts on it.

Maybe Slade should feel a bit guilty for pulling out the puppy face since it hadn't failed him thus far, but he couldn't help himself. He was dead set on this idea and he needed his bodyguards with him if he wanted to try it out without losing his life. There was still a small chance he could die anyways, but he was confident that the two of them could bring one smaller girl down without much difficulty. Besides, his friend wasn't entirely a normal person, in a good way.

"Alright!" Slade didn't bother to hide his excitement, though for the sake of his friend's appearance in front of the other bodyguard, he refrained from giving the guy a big hug. Instead, he turned his eyes towards the prisoner, who looked pretty excited as well. It was possible she was just happy she was going to be given a good chance to kill him, but he liked to believe this girl actually wanted to hear his music instead.

"Music. Please."

Boy, how dumb would he feel if this girl could really speak and was just pretending. The answer was a resounding "pretty", but risking your life by ignoring logic was only one of the most important duties as a prince! He'd read books before and it wasn't like those fictional princes did anything too much better, in fact a lot of them died to a simple blade in the back. None of them ever could say, "Wow, I took a gamble and lost, that was my mistake!". No, instead it was a boring life filled with nothing but silly balls and stupid, generic prince things. Horrible life, really. Where was the excitement?

Oh yes, it was all in Slade's eyes.

"Let's get her out of there and g----"

"This is not a good idea," his new bodyguard, Lilia voiced. Slade had hoped Lilia would just roll with things or die to the puppy face, but that was just wishful thinking on the prince's part, wasn't it? "This is an assassin. She was trained to kill and she just admitted that music is involved it that process. This is too risky. If His Highness plays something that is 'bad' music, she may go into her killing mode. Yes he has me and you, Julian, but I do not think this is a wise decision."


"We do not know what 'good' or 'bad' music is for her. It is safer if we bring music down here and she stays locked up in the cell. This will prevent her from trying to run away, just in case. This could all be a trick. She is learning language at a remarkable speed. As far as I know, someone does not learn language that easily."

Lilia had a point. And she was very right to voice her concern, as it was literally her job to look out and to protect Slade from danger. It was also true that Slade playing music again might trigger a bad response and cause complications with Banshee, and that someone could get hurt or killed. Yes, there was nothing but logic in Lilia's reasoning, and for all intents and purposes, Slade had no reason to be dragging a highly dangerous target around and playing a show for it. Except, well...

Slade was someone who would prefer to live a fun life than a logical one.

"Lilia, I am glad that you're able to not only see the obvious dangers of my plans, but are brave enough as a person and a guard to voice them. Even if it is to protect their life, there are quite a few who wouldn't dare to speak against a prince's decision for fear of some consequences. This is something I really dislike and was worried about, because what good is a guard whom cannot do their sole task? Continue to do this in the future."

Yes, Slade was just an old-looking child at heart, wasn't he?

"Though I must apologize because there are going to be times when I seemingly needlessly make your job a bit tougher than it needs to be. This, of course, is one of those times." he smiled very innocently, despite basically just saying "Yeah, I hear you and all but oh well". Slade started towards the stairs and turned to face his guards. "At least I'll stay well away from her while we walk, I hope that's enough."

Besides, who wants to drag a piano all the way down there? It could get scratched!