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located in Fiore, a part of Fairy Tail - A New Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tatuso Dread Character Portrait: Ariana Hasani Character Portrait: Amaya "Rin" Miyuzaki Character Portrait: Dyandin Eckkhart Character Portrait: Miya Winters
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Ariana Hasani

The walk back to the village was a bit shorter than the walk to the cave had been but it felt longer to Aria due to her ribcage squealing in protest with every breath. It was like a constant dull ache and she made a mental note to put ice on the area (though she doubted by that point it would do any good). Unconsciously her arm moved to rest under her breasts, as if in an invisible sling across her mid drift, as if somehow holding it there would make it a little less painful. This was the only sign of pain she gave, however, has her face was again carefully blank with only the faintest frown upon her lips. Tatsuo was right, she probably should've thought that through better, but that would've meant she'd have been standing on the sideline uselessly as the others stood in the way of danger. She'd not known them long nor did she know them well, but they were her guildmates and she refused to simply stare as they fought a beast.

Despite these somewhat disheartening thoughts (none of which she voiced of course) and the bruises that were soon to be coloring her midriff, the travel itself was rather pleasant. Tatsuo and Dyandin bickering (something that felt oddly familiar), Miya humming or talking to herself / anyone listening, and Rin quiet. It felt almost normal and was actually somewhat comforting, though Aria couldn't place the reason for this. Regardless it was nice - definitely preferable to silence. 'Perhaps being on a team wasn't so bad,' she couldn't help but to consider, 'there is certainly power in numbers and it makes the long journeys less dreary.' What a curious idea.

When they arrived at the village they went immediately to the steakhouse / butcher's shop (most because Tatsuo was so insistent on food - Aria made the mental connection between Miya's voids and the bottomless pit that seemed to be Tatsuo's stomach, judging by how much food he claimed he intended to eat). Upon entering the shop the man, bearing a name tag that read "Mr. William", came out from the back room and made a noise of delighted surprise. "You're back! How did it go? I didn't think that running off a few goblins would take so long..." he eyes moved to Dyandin, brows furrowing in disapproval at the dirty armor, a quiet scoff in his voice, "What happened to you? Did you decide to go camping or something and forget your tent?"

Aria stepped forward clearing her throat. "It was somewhat more difficult than anticipated, Mr. William, as there was a wyvern involved." Upon hearing this the immediately shut up, paling a little further as Aria went on. "The goblins seemed to be serving it as a deity of sorts and, though we scared the goblins off with ease, we were caught by surprise. However in spite of this we were able to kill it and you ought not have any more problems with your supplies being raided." Her voice was somewhat chilling, in all honesty. There was no true hostility, but rather a disappointed tone, as scolding the man for being rude to the people who'd just risked their lives for the sake of his restaurant. That was, in fact, exactly what she was doing and the man seemed to understand this as he nodded rather quickly and took the paper from Aria's hands.

"R-Right. Sorry. Thank you. I didn't realize..." he trailed off, reading through the paper (though Aria had the suspicious that this was only so he could avoid her eyes). "I tell you all what; let me get you all the money and a warm meal, on the house, to make up for the trouble. Had I known there was a wyvern..." he trailed off again with a hushed awe, his eyes traveling over the group in poorly concealed surprise. After a moment he cleared his throat, straightening his back, and flapped the paper in their direction. "Go on and sit - we just closed and I was cleaning up, but let me get you some menus to look at while I get your payment." Then with that he turned and walked into the kitchen.

The doors swung behind him only once before he burst through them again, menus under his arm. "Sorry about my, erhm, earlier, um, rudeness. I didn't, uh, mean to be scornful. Ahem." he said quietly to Dyandin as he handed him a menu then, after the awkward apology, moved to give menus out to everyone else, lastly to Aria who'd taken a seat in one of the booths by the window. "Let me know what you'd like - I guarantee that everything is delicious," he said proudly, bustling back towards the kitchen, "I'll be out with your money and to take your orders in a few minutes." then vanishing behind the swinging doors.

Aria opened the menu, absentmindedly brushing away the hair that fell in her eyes (it normally held back by clips, but....). Glancing over the items she had to admit; everything looked delicious. Maybe it was because she was already pretty hungry or because she rarely ate anything as expensive as steak (for free, nonetheless) but either way she could feel her mouth watering slightly.