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For his part, Julian could not help but laugh as Slade deftly acknowledged Lilia's concerns before brushing them off as he normally did. It was nice for other people to have to deal with Slade's recklessness for once. He stepped forward and patted Lilia on the back in a completely non-sexual way, he'd tell you. He grinned at her.

"Well, gorgeous, take a deep breath and center yourself. As long as you're here with us, you're going to have to get used to Slade tempting fate. At least until he marries a poor girl and sires an heir. Then, with the kingdom secured, we can let him get himself killed. What do you say, Slade? As long as you're treating this assassin like a normal girl, you might as well try to court her. I'd have to stand guard by your marriage bed, of course. We can't have her killing you then."

Julian tended to fall back on sarcasm and slight perversion when he was frustrated, earning him a reputation as a dissolute pervert in some circles. People tended to whisper that the only reason Slade had him as bodyguard was because they were childhood friends who frequented brothels together, which was decidedly not true. That happened only once and the night entailed a barrel of rum, a ship of pirates, and Julian pulling Slade back home by the ear and telling him that, no, they were not going to spend the rest of the night at the docks.

He clapped his hands, gaining the attention of a couple nearby guards.

"Alright, you heard the prince. Let's try not to let him get killed, shall we? We need her hands and feet bound if we're going to take her out of her cell despite all common sense. It's a fetish, I know, but it's Prince Slade's private business so don't let rumors start flying around, he announced.

He looked over at his friend and smirked at him. If they were going to do this, he was going to have fun teasing his friend while doing it. By nightfall, the female servants would be giggling about Slade's "tastes". He'd have to invest in leather before the day was out.