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ImageThe prince... the prince had simply disregarded all of her concerns. He acknowledged each warning she had given and noted that they were good observations and he was proud of her voicing them, even with the fact that she had gone against him. There was still that subtle warning beneath his polite words and then... nothing. He shoved all of her worries out the window in a childish 'I wanna do it my way,'. Were all royalty and people in a position of power like this? She felt like everyone who was 'above' her did things their way even if it wasn't logical or rational. How the hell were these people in charge of peoples' fates? They were making stupid decisions and putting themselves and others in danger! In her opinion, this soon-to-be-dead-prince was foolish. Maybe that was why their employer wanted him dead and off the throne. Julian did seem to be a little more logical in his reasoning at least. Even he had spotted the dangers of the situation even if he did give in to the spoiled prince.

When Julian patted her on the back, she immediately straightened and visibly bristled. What the hell was the man doing touching her back? She turned to him and gripped his arm a bit tighter than she had intended. Sometimes, she forgot her own strength. Her eyes were narrowed on the guard as she listened to his words and examined his facial expressions. His words didn't make her feel any better. He really was a pervert wasn't he? What exactly was he trying to get at with his contact? She was not some feather-brained twit who would just fall into his arms the moment he touched her. Thus far, Julian was not making a very good job of wooing her. Where was the romance? Where was the charm? Okay, scratch all of that. She would have probably punched him in the face if he tried to offer her flowers, but that was beside the point. She wanted this lover-boy to know she wasn't just some pretty Betty he could roll over. It would take a lot more than this get her attention and she wasn't interested in any sexual escapades currently.

"I would appreciate it if kept your hands to yourself, Lover Boy." There. Now he had nickname number 2.

She let go of his arm then and crossed her own over her chest once more. She moved to stand a little closer to the prince's other side and get some distance from Mr. Roaming Hands. Maybe she was over reacting but she was still peeved. And she couldn't even understand why she was so angry that the prince wasn't listening to her. She wanted him dead. Shouldn't she be happy and rejoicing that he was making her real job that much easier? If the prince was this reckless all the time, which it seemed like he was, then it would be so easy to stage some sort of accident. It was always like her to open her big mouth however and spill her thoughts. Ah well. At least she was playing the part of guard well enough it seemed. She gave an exasperated sigh and turned her attention back to Banshee and watched as the prison guards tied her up. She made a note of how both of them treated her. One was rough and angry and the other soft and gentle. Upon explanation, Lilia found herself intrigued. It looked like the scientists who made Lilia the way she was now were successful in making her seem the innocent victim.

"Are you ready to go, my prince?" she asked once the guards were done getting Banshee prepared.