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located in The City, a part of A Little Mayhem, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City



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"Balls, I hate doing dishes," E groaned at Sam's comment. The gunshot had nearly caused him to jump, luckily, Hecate's shouts into his comm-bead had a certain calming effect. The world could fall apart so long as something with a bit of 'normalcy' was going on to cling to, "Duck and weave, Hecate, duck and weave," He supplied helpfully, really, he would rather her not get shot, and in hindsight, he could have kept his mouth shut, but humor helped him keep his edge, so they could deal with it. On the bright side, the shooter had somehow managed to miss a woman hanging in a tree, so the odds of them being an expert marksmen was fairly low.

It didn't help that Chiaroscuro's sperm-thingy just went down to whatever was on the third floor. Hell, it was almost to be expected as when things go south, they tended to keep on going. At the rate, they might just hit Mexico. E gave a soft shrug, dropping the M&Ms out of his hand and onto the lush carpet below them, "Good luck, Sparky," he said to his electric teammate as he passed him on the stairs keeping pace with their blind psychic.

It probably was for the best, and as much as it was odd to think of, he was the best choice to be left with Nora. He would probably be able to get them both out if things managed to go even further south, although he heard Brazil was rather nice this time of year, and the most likely to react quickly enough to an ambush to not get brutally murdered. He could only imagine how terrifying that idea would have to be to Nora.. if... she had thought about it yet, E wasn't sure how he would feel knowing his life was in the hands of another person, especially, if that person was anything like him.

E followed Nora quietly, trying to both watch her and keep an eye out for whatever had taken down the spy-sperm, but it was proving difficult. Even in the low light, he could make out her facial expressions, the winces and twitches, made worse by the fact that he had no idea what to do besides follow her and hope they didn't hit Antarctica. He slid his eyes to the desk she was reaching for, her tone was off-putting, to say the least, he opened his mouth to say something, but one look at her face stopped him.

He had always gone out of his way to avoid looking at her when she went through visions, it was always rough, but the others had it lucky. They didn't see what he saw. They didn't see it in slow motion. The slow changing of the eyes as what color was in them drained out, every muscle spasm, every uncontrollable shake of her body, every flicker of pain that danced across her face, and he could do nothing. His instincts as a thief and villain screamed at him to be on the lookout for whatever, or whomever, brought down the sperm-spy, but he couldn't look away from Nora, his hand stretched out then hesitated. What was he supposed to do? If he touched her, would it make it worse? Would she see visions of him and whatever she was seeing now? How long had she been in that vision? How much time, real time, had truly passed? It felt like she had been standing there an eternity, but had only a few moments passed? Unable to bear it any longer, E gently touched her shoulder, "Nora," he said quietly, trying to will her back from... wherever she was.