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located in True Cross Academy, Fidel City, a part of Equipoise, one of the many universes on RPG.

True Cross Academy, Fidel City

Home of the Humans


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Julius King

“Julius. Sorry to intrude but you need to come with us.” Julius was interrupted from his musings by a certain instructor he found himself less than eager to interact with lately. Despite his attitude, Julius still cocked his head to indicate he was listening at the very least to what Ryuu was saying.“Nathaniel Jenova has been taken in for “interrogation”. He is not human, but the things he can do cannot be left in the hands of those who have him. In saying this, we are going to get him out of there.You will be aiding us as a distraction. I’m sure you’d be very pleased to have me say that you’re familiars are very strong however you have little control over them. For what we’re about to do though, control won’t be an issue.”

At this point Julius couldn't keep a savage grin from his face, something like a form of validation. After all, Ryuu just said it herself - he was being picked for the simple fact that he had power while others didn't. Remarkably, Julius found out the conversation had taken place while they were walking so the atmosphere he'd previously been pondering on completely left the teen's memory.

"So how much power do we need? I've got a circle and everything prearranged for a third on me if you want it. Wait- back up, we're taking down another teacher just because he's not human? No offense or nothin, but where's that leave you if this isn't a faction thing? Julius found himself quickly back pedaling for information. After all if this was a faction thing he didn't want to take part in it - his concern was entirely focused on his own power and a faction in that regard would have too many responsibilities for him to properly focus on his work. Until he realized that Ryuu had already taken him far enough where he could back out.

"If this is a faction thing, I'm going to throw a temper tantrum you'll never forget" Strangely, Julius found himself rather resolved as he clapped his hands together and activated the summons therein. For the first time, both Aja and Regulus came out compliantly.
"Despite my short comings, I at least have that policy and won't compromise on while still backing up my declaration.