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Snippet #2661235

located in The City, a part of A Little Mayhem, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City



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Encke stiffened considerably as he heard an arrow whistle through the air and land on its mark with a dull thunk, accompanied shortly after by a terse hiss of pain somewhere in front of him and to his left. His eyes widened, and he adjusted his position behind the tree to he would still be concealed from the gunman. He tried to glance over his shoulder to get a view of where the arrow had come from, but it was simply too dark to make out anything besides vague shapes and shadows. He knew pursuing a target when surrounded by uncertain company, whom he was fairly sure had not spotted him just yet, wasn't the brightest of ideas, but the gunman was getting away, and along with him Encke's best chance for finding the heroes.

He glanced around the tree again, feeling the damp, rough bark press into his cheek uncomfortably. A dark figure stalked off in the direction of the road, clutching his hand to his chest, and Encke started after him, taking less care to conceal himself as the man broke into a jog in the direction of the street. It was now or never.

The man ran out into the street, and Encke was but a few paces behind him, already feeling the water rise from puddles on the ground to swirl and writhe at his fingertips. He had almost reached the streetlight and reared his arm back to strike when another sharp thunk of an arrow pierced the air, freezing him in his place. A gunshot, and another arrow on its heels. Encke watched with shocked eyes as the bolt landed squarely in the man's face, protruding grotesquely amidst a small spray of blood before he crumpled noiselessly to the ground. It took a moment for his mind to kick into gear.

This idiot had just killed his only source of information. Assuming he was right about her connections to the group of villains who were supposedly working to free the heroes, this idiot had just killed her only source of information. He stood there, half livid and half in utter disbelief, instinctively reaching around his shoulder to grab the hilt of one of the long knives that were slung across his back. A well of anger he hadn't even know he'd had in him was bubbling to the surface, making his knuckles turn white as he gripped the handle of the blade. A tight coil wrapped around his chest. Every inch of his being commanded him to shake her, dig his fingertips into her shoulders and scream at her for her stupidity. He settled for unsheathing his knife and holding it out at his side, pointed slightly downward in a gesture of peace, but easy enough to flick up if he needed to defend himself. If this group of villains was going to go around killing his only connections to the heroes, then maybe it was time they finally talked. So instead of slinking back into the bushes before he was spotted, he stood in full illumination of the streetlight, glaring at the archer with hard, pale eyes.