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located in The City, a part of A Little Mayhem, one of the many universes on RPG.

The City



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The only thing that Nora really loved about her visions, was finally being able to see again. She had to blink a couple of times to adjust her eyes, as most of the time it was quite over whelming. She took a couple steps back, covering her eyes, as they slowly adjusted to the bright white light of the room. As her vision settled she could see that she was back in the 3rd floor of the office complex again, except she was alone. Well she thought she was until she looked up and noticed 2 men talking hurriedly near the door. She took a couple steps towards them trying to attune her ears to their conversation, but she could only make out a couple of sentences. "Dammit! How could you have let this happen?!" "We didn't know they'd be with..." "If they figure out what we're doing, then we're screwed, he's going to skin us alive, do you want that?". The thing about her visions were, they were never direct, and she hated it. As she approached both of the men, she couldn't make out either of their features, it was almost like they were painted on a canvas but someone had gone up and smudged their faces, leaving a blurry mix of colors, bleeding together as a face. She could somewhat make out a distinct scar running across the man's, who she assumed was higher up, face. Soon their words started to slow down and mush together almost like a video tape slowly dying, and she was thrown out of the office building, smoothly into another setting.

The colors of this area were far more harsh, and dark. She could smell the musty, stale aroma of the air, and could faintly hear the sounds of dripping water, from pipes? She couldn't be for sure. She definitely knew she was in some underground sort of area. As her eyes adjusted to the dark lighting of the room she could make out several pallid faces surrounding her, it took her moment to realize she was surrounded by heroes, the missing heroes. She tried to get up, to maybe scout the area as much as she could to try and find some hint to where they were, but she couldn't move. She looked down at her wrists and noticed that they were tightly bound with some sort of rope, digging deeply into her flesh. She was horrified at the sight and tugged roughly on the bindings, but it only made her wrists scream in pain. "It's no use Quinn, we've tried thousands of times, you're just going to end up hurting yourself even more", Nora looked up to the source of the voice and noticed one of the heroes had spoken up. He had dark blonde hair that fell into his eyes, which were quite an odd shade of almost orange? He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't quite pinpoint it at all. She couldn't help but noticed how drained he looked, and as she looked around at the others they all looked the same, almost dead like the life force was slowly being sucked out of them like a straw. As she looked back to the boy to possibly ask him anything, anything to help, she nearly choked on a scream. His face, his face was horrific. Almost like a zombie that slowly had flesh peeling off to the bone. She had almost no time to react, as she felt a cold hand on her shoulder and looked over to see another hero with the same features, only this time, the girl was worse. Now she could see bone, poking out beneath the rotted flesh, as the girl reached out to her with a skeletal hand her eyes blank, blank and dead, this time Nora screamed.

It was abrupt, almost like she was being sucked through a vacuum, she had never switched visions before so painfully. She felt as if someone grabbed her and wrenched her out of the nightmare only to throw her into another. This time though she was surrounded by the harsh fluorescent lighting of a... doctor's office? No, it looked too, what's the word, shady? There we go, too shady to be a doctors office. She was still slightly shaking from fear and recovering from the last vision when the door to the room opened with a small creak and she looked up to watch middle aged man come into the room with a particular grim look on his face. He approached Nora, and looked her sternly in the eyes before speaking, his words felt almost detached to his body, it was all together quite terrifying. "It seems to be that you're aging at an accelerated pace.... On a subatomic level, your atoms are moving to fast for your body to comprehend, and in response your body is..." What the hell...? None of this made sense, what did this have to do with anything that she touched? As she looked closer though, she noticed that the doctor wasn't looking directly at her, but directly next to her. She slowly turned to see the form of.... E? Oh god, he must've touched her. She was seeing his future. Oh god, oh god.. She repeated as she turned back to the doctor, everything about the vision clicking into place.

Nora didn't realize she was screaming. She could her the loud pitch of a girl screaming, it sounded almost pained, but it didn't feel like it was coming out of her, but someone else. Her hands were like concrete gripping onto E's arms as she came back to the present, back into the office building, and out of the vision.