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Julian couldn't help but roll his eyes at his fellow bodyguard's words. Really, where did she get off misconstruing friendly, platonic teasing as flirting or general perversion? Still, he couldn't help but be impressed by her strength. Not many people could grip his arm hard enough to make it physically hurt.

"Of course. I'd need to wine and dine you first, correct?" He asked her with a smirk. As the guards argued, he made a mental note to talk to them later. They couldn't allow themselves to be distracted in this manner in the future. Girl or not, this girl was dangerous and he had really wished that Slade would've been taken aback my his words, but then, his friend was remarkably good at ignoring people once he got what he wanted.

He sighed as he followed close behind the assassin, his sword at the ready should she try anything. He was starting to doubt he'd need it, however. At least, not when she was without "the music". He'd have to see how she reacted when the prince began playing a tune. If she attacked, he would cut her down, Slade's protests be damned.