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Snippet #2661962

located in Doctor Who Universe, a part of The Doctor, one of the many universes on RPG.

Doctor Who Universe



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Character Portrait: Myra Anderson Character Portrait: The Doctor
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The screaming was what woke Myra up, she sat up in the bed moving herself against the head board away from the Aliens, the Doctor gave a warning to the one he had left alive before letting it scamper off, coming over to her with worry in his eyes. Myra leaned up against the Doctor when he crawled into bed with her her heart rate slowing down again. “I’m fine...I didn’t even know they were in here.” She put a hand on her stomach, clearly her getting frightened had woken up the baby as well, as she was moving around quite a lot now and hadn’t been before.

“How are they even getting into the TARDIS? You lock the doors...” Myra shifted slightly so she could look up at him. “And why does everyone want our child?” Myra felt like a Time lord could not be dangerous as a child, that there was more to it than the regenerative energy their baby was clearly giving off, she tried not to think about it to much, but this kept on happening, a different race of Alien each time it happened, and it had been happening throughout the course of her pregnancy.

The Women sitting in the chair slammed her hands against it standing up, the Doctor had managed to stop the last race they had sent his way. “If that child is born, we are going to have more than one Time lord on our hand.” She growled. “His girlfriends genetic makeup has already changed enough, she has her own supply of regenerative energy, for all intents and proposes she is no longer human. She will be able to live, just as long as he can.” The women paced back and forth in front of the large screen. “And that child has never been human.”

“Three Time lords with the ability to stop everything wrong in the universe. One was bad enough!” She yelled a little bit clearly frustrated, nothing was working it seemed they were going to have to send every race in the universe after the family.

As Myra grew closer to her due date the TARDIS had shifted its floor plan slightly, a nursery was now across the hall from Myra’s bedroom, she walked into the room looking up at the roof, it looked like there were actual stars twinkling up there, she gently ran her fingers along the edge of the crib.

When her due date finally came around, as promised Myra went in to labour which didn’t surprise her in the slightest, the child of a Time lord better be able to keep track of time. They went back to the hospital in New New York as Myra was certain a Human hospital would not do well with a baby having two hearts.

After about a twenty-four hour labour crying filled the delivery room, Myra laid her head down on the pillow finally being able to relax. “It’s a girl.” one of the nurses said with a small smile, once the little girl was wrapped up in a blanket they carefully laid the small child in Myra’s arms. She stopped crying squirming slightly in Myra’s arms settling down once she was comfortable, opening her eyes she looked up at Myra and the Doctor. The little girl was the perfect mix between the two of them, brown hair blue eyed, she seemed to only be able to smile at the world.

“Do you want to hold her?” Myra asked softly, a nurse gently took the bundle laying her in the Doctor’s arms, she fussed a little bit form the movement but quickly settled down looking up at him with a joy filled smile. Myra smiled tiredly gently running her thumb over her daughters small hand. “We have to name her.”