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located in Western Corner: Industrial Zone, a part of Zenith Empire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western Corner: Industrial Zone

Loud, hot and inventive, the Industrial Zone holds the more brute, bulky and rough races that reside in Zenith.


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Ottaga Boff was busy snorting over a pretty blue female who was raining whispered words to his ears and teasing scratches to his chin. He was only a few minutes away from demanding everyone clear the room when there was the racket of the hall doors being thrown open, he puffed when one fell off of the hinges, clattering loudly across the floor. Slowly he stood, chest puffed and one large hand on the handle of his axe.

All this soon deflated as Ottaga got a clear view of who was breaking down his fine Mohagony doors and using such foul language in his hall. A few moment passed, his female tensed and hidden behind his 'throne' and his brutes ready to jump at a pen drop. Snorting, the bull laughed heartily and deeply. "Jaek! I suspected you would be here within a few days time!" He called to the giant. Plopping back down in his seat he slouches a bit while calling his female back to his side with a few snorts from his nose and putters from his lips. He then speaks to Jake once more "Oh! Weapons away! This is a friend! We all know who he is.." He speaks from his chest, naturally, loud, and deep. "Come! Make yourself comfortable." His teeth are impressiely well kept as he smiles.