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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝Even the lost have a chance to be found...❞

[X Ambassadors — RENEGADES]




The clock on the wall ticked ticked, it was too silent. There were faded voices but so far away and Zero couldn't take it anymore. He had managed to change out of dreary hospital gowns and into his shirt and jeans, he's pulled a jacket on and tugged a cap over his stark white hair. Ren was right, hospitals suck. When the coast was clear enough he stepped out the room and headed down the corridor. The shades hid his eyes and he was grateful for them, even so he still refused to meet anyone's direct gaze in case.

"Zero, hey." Shit. Grell. Now what? Zero stiffened, he'd been just a few meters from the stairs to freedom. No point running now. He drew a deep breath and slowly met the red-head. His hand clenched a large paper, it looked like it'd been scribbled in colors. He was looking worse for wear. What was that about?

"Hey, Grell, how's it going?" Zero smirked and readjusted the hat. Could this be any more awkward?

"Yeah, where are you headed?"

"Can't I go for walk? I"m not a prisoner here last I checked."

"What about Loretta, how long you're gonna keep her waiting?" He then held out the partially crumpled paper—drawing out for him to take. "She made this for you."



Ok. Zero made the short cross over and took the drawing, she'd definitely drew his likeness, even his name along side hers. She had met him before.

"At least if you're running you could tell her good bye, you owe her that much." Grell didn't wait and just brushed passed him. Something wasn't right. He wasn't right and seemed too pissed off to explain.

"I don't..." Zero stared at the drawing as if it could give him all the answers. Why couldn't he remember the blonde haired girl in the image, much less the name? Who is Loretta? Did it matter anymore if he knew her or not? He had to go, Ren was waiting. Yet the way Grell had mentioned her, the same way Doc had. She wasn't an ordinary girl, something about her was special.

He folded the picture and tucked it into his pocket. Fine. He'd just have to find out. Ren would have to wait a little bit longer.

Zero headed back the direction he'd came and there was only one other room, the one with the name "Doll" on the door. Was this Loretta's room? Was she also a "Doll"? to the staff or was that her nickname? He approached the door, it was open and he peeked inside, there was a girl, fairly young inside. She was in a hospital gown, in bed and beside her the plush and the books. She had along the walls art work, a mixture of drawings and words she must have been practicing. A human who was allowed to write. That was new. Doc must truly favor her to allow it, wasn't that illegal? But the letters weren't their language, it was English, the old tongue of the human race. With practice she could write novels and stories. She could write their history if she wanted to.

It was odd, standing there. He was unsure what to say, or how to say good bye, especially to someone he couldn't remember. So why was he here? A part of him wanted to confirm that what Grell had said was true, another part of him was certain that maybe they'd met once, but he could only gauge the extent of that through her. If at all.