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located in Chiron-Delta, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


Planet-wide maximum security prison for none but the most vile criminals.


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Character Portrait: Helga Rotfeuer Character Portrait: Aschen Fleet of Righteous Vigilance Character Portrait: Agent of Wrath Character Portrait: Natuna Belladorei Character Portrait: Imai Taro Character Portrait: Colleen MacFadden Character Portrait: "Russian" Character Portrait: Tidus Khaine Character Portrait: Horus "Mac" MacIver
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Being yelled at can do many things, but in this case it did knock Colleen out of whatever she had been in, let's say frustrated anger combined with utter stupidity. Still Mac had broken through whatever hold had been on her and immediately she replied, "Okay here's long and short of it Mac, there is Helga and I, Helga fighting an Aschen, I am monitoring a ship from a dude calling himself the Russian he is according to the scans on my suit drilling into the ground near the base. There is other stuff but gist of it is that anomaly is causing strange shit to occur... I can define what it is entirely, but it made me hack the anti-aircraft defences which is why they started firing, thankfully the orbital platforms were not activated, although with how things are you may want too..." with that she awaited the yelling and screaming, while sighing, "Actually can we shoot down that ship, I can paint a target on it with my electronics if you wish."

Once more waiting, she would patch through to Helga, "Look if worse comes to the worse, we have orbital cannons they could be used on the Aschen ship, it could well take it down... damn the consequences... also that thing, anomaly, it appears able to alter or influence people... thus why what happened, happened... thing is I am in control again. I am likely going to paint big red target on this ship, and shoot it down, leaving the Russian without any means to escape... after that I shall head to where you are."

With that she switched off her intercom and began to input coordinates from her scan of 'The Russian's' ship, basing it on the information and sending the data to Mac, "There is the information, input it to some of our defences and blow thing out of the sky."