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located in Western Corner: Industrial Zone, a part of Zenith Empire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western Corner: Industrial Zone

Loud, hot and inventive, the Industrial Zone holds the more brute, bulky and rough races that reside in Zenith.


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Character Portrait: Jaek Immunem, Anima in de Immortalis
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So he realized his mistake.

It wasn't unlike a Minotaur to attack when cornered. They were such a primal species anyways. Most of the hybrids, that being a derogatory term for most species that appear to be a combination of a non-sentient creature and typically a human, still retained a lot of their animal instinct. For a "beast of burden" such as he, especially for war, he was lucky to have such a position as one of the crimelords of Zenith's crime underground aptly nicknamed the Moon.

"Let's have it then!" the Frostarian roared in defiance, readying himself. As soon as the first swing came flying in, the Nephilim parried with unreal ease and sent a crushing kick to the gangster's chin, sending him, blood, and several teeth flying. Jaek skillfully blocked and riposted any offensive move thrown at him, but he wouldn't stay on the defensive. It wasn't in his nature.

The mercenary Frostarian first made his move by running his stark black blade through the chest of the nearest criminal before flinging the body off of Mortem and into two others. He faced a orc with a halberd and promptly cut through the staff of the pole-arm before truncating the greenskin. Another goon came from behind attempting to get in a back stab but was stopped short an elbow to the face that nearly collapsed the purple-skinned humanoid's skull.

Within meager minutes the Frostarian went from gangster to gangster that lie in his path to Boff with quick succession. As soon as he was free of the circle he launched himself at the Minotaur, screaming. "BOOOOOOOFF!"