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located in Western Corner: Industrial Zone, a part of Zenith Empire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western Corner: Industrial Zone

Loud, hot and inventive, the Industrial Zone holds the more brute, bulky and rough races that reside in Zenith.


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Boff puffed and lowered his head, baring his thick horns to the oncoming Frostarian as he called and came for him.

Now a Frostarian and a Minotaur were a worthy match, especially if they both had weapons. Although one was slightly taller, they were nicely paired by brute strength and Ottaga was no peanut when it came to intelligence so this was also something to take into consideration.

There was the cringing sound of swords meeting horns and the call of a bull as Ottaga came for Jaek just as hard as he was coming for him. When the Frostarian would swing his weapon, the bull would parry with his horns, finding his balance by placing a foot back. Once the hit was parried, he would plow forward with fists, ax, or horns again.

As soon as Frost Giant and Bull collided Tehran fired a single shot at Torm, aiming for his left shoulder. If the shot were to miss, the bovine would snort and slowly step to the left, always keeping his eyes on the Psychic.

As this went on, there were still more thugs to be taken care of. Either they were the few left in the room or the many more trailing in through the broken doors, weapons galore.