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located in Cafe Hoshisi, a part of Colors of the Rainbow, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cafe Hoshisi

The smell of coffee and tea lingers through the air with the faint trace of pastry as well. The shop is slightly small, but it has some nice things to offer along with a good place with a few couches and free wifi for people that write, read or hang out.


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Character Portrait: Suzuki Natoko
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Suzu, now having gotten relaxed in Cafe Hoshisi, glanced around then got on the free wifi with his smartphone. He thought to himself of what could be happening outside and was considering about where he should go check on next. He wasn't feeling very active, but he knew he was required to still be so. He took a drink of his coffee. He decided that he would leave once he had finished his coffee, since that would most likely be what woke him up and got him going for the day and for the time that he was working. He let out a slight yawn before getting comfortable in his chair and sitting back. It was nice to be able to relax for once and not have to worry about being snatched off into a dark alley and brutally murdered for once in his career. He knew that a lot of lower classes were the ones that usually were worried about that, and he felt bad for them since he knew how it was. He went ahead and got up for a quick second and went and put a generous amount of boons in the tip jar, making the current cashier put a hand to her mouth and look away with happy eyes. He went and sat back down with a smile. He knew some lived off of tips so he always was happy to leave money for them.