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located in Cafe Hoshisi, a part of Colors of the Rainbow, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cafe Hoshisi

The smell of coffee and tea lingers through the air with the faint trace of pastry as well. The shop is slightly small, but it has some nice things to offer along with a good place with a few couches and free wifi for people that write, read or hang out.


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Suzu was obviously very surprised at the sudden start of toppling of the girl and moved quick enough to catch her with one arm and her hands that had the drinks with the other so that she didn't drop them. He had to have quick reflexes and, for him, it seemed that time moved a few tidbits slower in concentration for him when he was eacting to something. That probably was just in his mind, but he liked to think it was something special that he had(even though it wasn't, but he wouldnt admit that.). He helped set her back on her feet and stood up, "Hey, you alright?"