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located in Cafe Hoshisi, a part of Colors of the Rainbow, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cafe Hoshisi

The smell of coffee and tea lingers through the air with the faint trace of pastry as well. The shop is slightly small, but it has some nice things to offer along with a good place with a few couches and free wifi for people that write, read or hang out.


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ImageYuu Akomatsu
Although he knew he didn't look suspicious, seeing the cops still put him on edge and made him nervous. They would be able to see he would be of one of the poorer classes and instantly assume he was some sort of delinquent. That was how it usually went anyway. He decided to plant himself down a nearby alleyway, simply keeping out of sight as two officers seemed to cross paths. He overheard their conversation and found it hard to not laugh at how the officer was so quickly and bluntly shut down. "What a loser." Yuu muttered to himself as he watched the two officers finally part and go back to their duties. He could relax for now.

Stepping out of the alleyway, he noticed a man speak of something to do with the candy man? Keeping out of sight he watched the sapphire blue haired male speak to someone who was hidden in the shadows of an alleyway. Catching a whiff of the strong scent of a cigarette burning. How had he not noticed this stranger before who kept hidden in the alleyways? Then again he didn't exactly purposely check alleyways, that was dangerous. It wasn't his business so he decided to go home and sleep after he had finally successfully stolen some bins off a sucker.

Morning came and Yuu decided to spoil himself for once. He decided to visit the Cafe Hoshisi. When it came to food, Yuu really appreciated and savoured it. Especially proper food which was rare for him. Upon entering the shop, he received a few looks; he probably looked like a hoodlum. He glared so they would avert their gaze but only made their opinion of him worse. Taking a look over the menu he took his time before finally deciding on what to order. "I'll get a small chocolate smoothie please. Eat in." He actually wanted the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino but he really couldn't afford it. The cashier gave him a rather loathing, belittling look. He was used to and simply gave her a cold glare before putting exactly 2 bins on the counter. That was the last of the stolen money.

As Yuu moved to go find a seat, he instantly stopped to witness some white haired male with quick reflexes, catch a female and her drinks just in time. "Tch. Clumsy girl." He muttered out of annoyance to himself, clicking his tongue; the usual angry, annoyed expression on his face. Today wasn't a good day for him, people were already giving him looks. "Oi. You're in my way." The grump spoke out loud this time impatiently to the two. He just wanted to hurry up and sit down and finally enjoy a nice smoothie that only seemed to happen once every few months.