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located in Cafe Hoshisi, a part of Colors of the Rainbow, one of the many universes on RPG.

Cafe Hoshisi

The smell of coffee and tea lingers through the air with the faint trace of pastry as well. The shop is slightly small, but it has some nice things to offer along with a good place with a few couches and free wifi for people that write, read or hang out.


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Character Portrait: Leirie Lilium Character Portrait: Suzuki Natoko Character Portrait: Harriet "Hattie" Lancer Character Portrait: Josephine Pierce Character Portrait: Yuu Akomatsu
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Suzuki noticed Yuu and his grumpy attitude and just scoffed at him, his purple eyes watching as he went to his seat. He had seen him around and he knew where he stood on the resistance, even if Yuu didn't know who he was in return. He noticed someone with an eyepatch walk in, but seeing as she appeared to be only a 'spirited' from the look of her exposed eye, he ignored the entrance of the other person into the cafe. He hadn't run into the two girls before though, or at least didn't notice most likely because of their nonthreatening appearance or leisure. He nodded to her and shook her hand, helping her carry the drinks without spilling them over to her friend Josephine. "Well, Hattie, if your pet is an assistance animal, I think you can. You can call me Suzu if you see me other than here." He helped her sit with the drinks, "If you'll excuse me, I wish to go finish my coffee then I must be off to go work." He turned away without a care for what she said afterwards and headed to his spot, giving a glance in the direction that Yuu went and narrowing his eyes a bit and looked to his coffee, thinking slightly annoyed. He knew he was one that couldn't stay in place for too long and that me needed to go soon, but that was beside the point of him just lingering for a while. He never did get a break from anything life threw at him.