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located in Western Corner: Industrial Zone, a part of Zenith Empire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western Corner: Industrial Zone

Loud, hot and inventive, the Industrial Zone holds the more brute, bulky and rough races that reside in Zenith.


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Character Portrait: Torm Voss
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Torm is unsurprised when the minotaur uses his accomplice as a shield, he assumed that would happen. However, what did catch him off-guard was the immediate sucker-punch to the side of his head upon being spun sideways. Granted, the body of the brute did not split, but he was certainly impaled by the weapon. When the brute fell by the wayside, it took Torm's weapon with it, deactivating mid-fall for a nice fling across the room, only to clatter against a wall, a light-blue smoke wafting from the weapon.

Suddenly weaponless, Torm is caught momentarily out of the loop when he takes that blow to the head. However, he recovers quickly. Rather than being ragdolled to a distance, like the minotaur had likely been thinking, the Psychic instead turns on his opponent. For a moment, there is a vacuous sound, as if the air itself was being sucked away in a moment. Before he raises both hands, fingertips splayed forward, unleashing a burst of electrokinetic energy, shocking Tehran with a furious amount of bright blue lightning. The sudden shock, and the sudden convulsion of his muscles, would likely fling the gun from his opponent's hands. Granted, even if he held onto it, the voltage would not only cause him more harm than simply tossing the weapon (both due to the additional conductivity of electricity into his hands, and the potential nerve damage of forcing himself to grip a metal object being electrocuted. The latter being potentially permanent.), but the barrel was now warped by the sudden transfer of energy and heat and the rifling was ruined, rendering it useless and even outright hazardous to attempt to fire for fear of simply detonating.

After a moment, the Kiffar takes a step back, breathing in a slightly more labored manner than before, and says "If you give up now, I promise you some leniency in the court. Don't make this worse for us both." It was fairly clear the psychic still had much of his strength left, but perhaps there was something he knew that the minotaur didn't. Maybe that burst of energy made him weaker in some fashion.