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located in Western Corner: Industrial Zone, a part of Zenith Empire, one of the many universes on RPG.

Western Corner: Industrial Zone

Loud, hot and inventive, the Industrial Zone holds the more brute, bulky and rough races that reside in Zenith.


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Tehran cried out and fisted his hands as electricity rippled across his skin and stunned his muscles. Immediately his weapon flew from his hand, clattering across the floor and bumping into the foot of a bystander.
Once the shock passed the bull took a knee, snorting and breathing heavily as a thin smoke rose from his body. He flexed his hands and blinked firmly a few times as he swayed lightly, his heart beating quickly and his breathing ragged. Once Torm was done talking he shook his head from left to right, snorting once more before rising to his feet. "Bite me." He puffed as his eyes narrowed and he stamped his hooves. Evening his breaths he squared his shoulders and burst forward towards Torm, ready for a match of strength.
Boff men had created a ring around the two, their weapons raised in case the scale tipped too far against the Black Bull.

Ottaga pushed his soft fuzzy forehead up against the cool skin of the Frostarian's forehead. He smiled at Jaek's chilling grin, unphased by it. Well the hair on his back did raise a bit. Nonetheless, He stepped forward, his own muscles flexing and straining. "Certainly." His nostrils flared. "So show me a challenge!" He roared as he reared back and slammed his head right up against the Nephilim's.
The bull was made for head butting so he would be unphased by the blow he caused. When it hit, it would either cause his foe to stumble away from him or simply to jerk his head back. If he indeed stumbled, Ottaga would unlock his ax and bring it swinging back around for Jaek's knees. If not then Ottaga would simply chuckle menacingly.