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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2667198

located in Fiore, a part of Fairy Tail - A New Generation, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Tatuso Dread Character Portrait: Ariana Hasani Character Portrait: Amaya "Rin" Miyuzaki Character Portrait: Dyandin Eckkhart Character Portrait: Miya Winters
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Ariana Hasani

As Mr. William brought some food out, Dyandin stated that he'd bring Rin's food to her and left. Aria's eyes followed him as he went and she took a small sip of he tea as he disappeared from sight in the direction Rin had gone. "You guys realize that he's hiding something right? He knew a wyvern was out there. I could hear his heartbeat grow unsteady as he talked about it. More so than when we first saw him. Usually their would be some sign of relief when you tell people that you've killed a giant monster that's been terrorizing the village." Tatsuo said calmly as he sat down at the booth with Miya and Aria, "What do ya think? Think he's just a cheap bastard? Usually something this scale would give you a lot of reward. Twice, or sometimes triple what we got. Depending on how nasty it is."

Aria glanced towards the kitchen doors where she could hear him working, dishes clattering around, though she got no sense of cheerfulness about it. "Unfortunately you may be right. I got the feeling that he wasn't as surprised when we mentioned the wyvern as he ought to have been. But whether he knew of it's existence or not prior to our arrival is beyond me." she said quietly to the two of them as she poked her food with a fork. Truthfully she had lost her appetite, but knew that she needed to eat and that it would be wasteful to order food and then neglect to eat it. As Mr. William walked out with more dishes in hand Aria stood to help him.

"Mr. William, pardon me if I'm being rude, but you didn't happen to know that their was a wyvern out there waiting for us, did you?" she said, and noticed that he deliberately averted his eyes, his cheeks reddening slightly as her indirect accusation. "Well I mean I'd heard that there'd been some nasty thing out there in the woods lately," he grumbled, "I'd figured it was a bear or something; no idea that it was a wyvern." Aria watched his face and paid attention to his mood as he said this, concluding that he did not in fact know that it was a wyvern, but that he'd deliberately left out this bit of information. "Perhaps it would have been a good idea to mention this rumor to us before we went wandering out in those woods, Mr. William." she said calmly, though there was a firmness to her voice similar to the one she'd scolded him with earlier. "Yes, well, everyone makes mistakes," he huffed in retort as he reached to set down another dish of food (presumably Tatsuo's - who seemed to have ordered literally one of everything), "Besides it was only a silly little rumor, and it's not like you lot weren't able to handle yourselves after all."

But when he extended his arm Aria reached forward and grasped the dish, the tips of her fingers touching his hand too, holding her hand there for a moment as she spoke. "This is true, but had you told us of this 'silly little rumor' perhaps we'd not have been caught by surprise nor would members of our party have been injured." she said haughtily, not yet letting go of the dish nor his hand as she worked her magic - though not quite as subtly as she had with Dyandin.

The change was almost immediate in Mr. William as he was suddenly overwhelmed with remorse and gratitude. However as tears welled up in his eyes Aria wondered if perhaps she'd gone a teensy bit overboard (she was getting somewhat tired of dealing with his haughty attitude towards them) and removed her hand from the dish, instead taking another one and setting it down. "O-Oh, oh my goodness, you're right. What was I thinking? That was to dangerous - you had no idea what you were going into! Oh I'm so sorry - I shouldn't have been so negligent!" He began to blubber, absurdly out of character, and Aria in turn put a seemingly comforting hand on his shoulder. "Perhaps there is something you could do for us," she said, gentleness in her otherwise even voice.

"As some of our party was injured, the journey home will be significantly more difficult. Though perhaps you would be able to remedy this by calling a carriage for us and paying our fair back to Magnolia?" The way it was phrased was like a friendly suggestion, and judging by the expression on his face he seemed to take this to heart. "Yes, yes, of course! Let me go do that right now." he proclaimed, setting down the set of Tatsuo's food before bustling away with his suddenly change of heart towards the phone, "Really I am so, so grateful for what you lot have done for me. I don't know what I'd have done had you not come to help me. Who knows how long those goblins would've been raiding my store before that wyvern decided to do it himself?"

Aria sat back down in her place across from her two remaining teammates and took another sip of her tea as Mr. William placed the call before hurrying back into the kitchen (presumably to prepare the rest of Tatsuo's food). "Tatsuo, are you certain you'll be able to eat all of this?" she asked in her normal monotone as she glanced at the near ten plates of food that were displayed in front of him, almost in mockery of her and Miya's single dishes of food. It was actually somewhat amusing and an excellent opportunity to engage the others in a topic other than Mr. William's sudden generosity. There was faint humor in her voice as she took a bite of her own food. "I don't know if we'll be able to get to-go boxes for everything if you can't."