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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Slang, a pretty but expressionless or unintelligent woman. I.e. "She's nothing more than a doll."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

Garamound]Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #66CDAA || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #008B8B╚╝

In the end she was only a human, powerless to do anything in the face of the enemy. Doll wasn't strong or brave, she was human, a lowly, pathetic dog on the bottom of the food chain. Doll squeezed her hands into fists, half of her body wasn't even working, she had two useless legs, leaving her at a severe disadvantage. "I can't protect them, even after all they've done for me." Doll said, placing her hands against her chest. Xavier pushed her wheelchair away from where the battle was happening, sand crunching under wheels. Her breaths came out in quick, sharp, needles. Something in her head pulsed, making her spin. "Doll?" Xavier asked, but Doll couldn't answer. "Hey," he grabbed hold of her shoulders, kneeling in front of the wheelchair. "Hold yourself together." He said, shaking her slightly.

"Tch, can't deal with this now." He wheeled her away faster, knowing that soon the battle would be starting and that they had to be out of range if they wanted to live another day. "I'm... okay." Doll eventually said, hugging her arms. "Don't scare me like that," Xavier sighed, shaking his head. They were far down the boardwalk now, hiding underneath a wooden hut that had been built to take shelter from the sun and sudden, possible rain. "Are we going in here?" Doll asked as Xavier wheeled her in. "Yeah, we're gonna wait out the fight here. Hopefully once it's over and the Doc wins, we'll be able to go back." Doll shook her head, "The hospital isn't gonna survive. Not if Zero is in there," she shivered, a flashback of the first time she had been kidnapped, how he had told her to run and not to look back.

Doll hadn't dared to look behind her, but the road ahead hadn't exactly been startlingly beautiful either. Corpses had lined the floors, slippery with blood. She remembered falling, tripping over ripped limbs, sliding across pools of crimson and a chill had crept up her spine. Almost as quickly as it had come, the glimpses were gone. No longer could Doll remember that night, only a vague sense of cold as she had knelt in the snow, a terrible fear looming over her like a dark shadow. "We're safe as long as he's watching over us." Doll smiled, that much she knew was true. Zero had been acting strange though, oddly distant. Had Doll done something? Had he tired of her and was distancing himself to prepare for when he got rid of her?

There was the sound of an explosion, or perhaps one of the Being's attacks and Doll jumped, the wheelchair toppling over. She squeaked as she fell, the chair clattering on top of her. It wasn't the first time that this had happened, the other day Doll had seen a shadow and gotten so excited that it may have been Zero, she tried to turn the wheelchair too quickly and fell. Since then, Doll had been working in PT on how to right herself should something like this happen. "We may need to go farther away," Xavier suddenly said, panicked. He lifted Doll up, placing her back in the chair and breaking into a sprint. "What's wrong?" Doll asked, attempting to remain calm. With a burst of wind and speed, the chair toppled over once more. Doll was whacked against the railing, a cry ripped from her body as she fell, her hospital gown tearing. She opened her eyes, her teal orbs widening further as she screamed.

"Xavier!" He had been pierced through the middle, blood spouting from his lips. "I'm... okay," he gasped, his blood speckling her face as he fell. "No, no, no! You can't die. No, please, don't leave me." She crawled over pathetically, her legs scratched by unpolished wood. Doll sat up, placing Xavier's head in her lap. "It... s'okay." He coughed and Doll wiped the blood that was dribbling down his chin. "Just... hurts." He winced and Doll looked around frantically. She pressed her hands against the wound to keep him from bleeding out. "Help!" Doll screamed, hoping to whatever higher power that Xavier wouldn't perish. "Crawl away you pathetic dog." A burst of wind came at her, throwing Doll back. The Baron stood before her, placing a polished shoe on Xavier's body as though claiming him like some sort of prize.

"You won't die boy, not unless I let you." He dug the tip of his shoe into the bloody mess and Xavier cried out in pain. "Stop that!" Doll screamed, "You're hurting him!" The Baron glanced at her, a sidelong disinterested glance. "It's too bad you're a mutt," he said, suddenly grinning. "You would have bred beautifully." He raised his hand, preparing for another attack when something hit him in the side, sending him flying over the railing and towards the beach. "Doctor Atarashi," Doll breathed in relief. "Sorry Ms. Loretta," he apologized. "I didn't think the fight would get this far."