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located in Sabrie, a part of Limerance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Slang, a pretty but expressionless or unintelligent woman. I.e. "She's nothing more than a doll."

{ Bird Set Free | Sia }

Garamound]Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✦ #66CDAA || Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #008B8B╚╝

The feel of fabric on top of the bandages was something she had grown used to. It seemed that Doll had always had bandages, that they were as much a part of her as hair or nails. Doll tried to sit up, but her head was spinning. "Don't," Doctor Atarashi said. The darkness enveloped her, sending a chill up her spine. Doll was afraid of the dark, she was afraid of not being able to see the monsters that lurked in it. "You can't go anywhere anyways." He said, pointing out her useless legs. Doll lay back down, the tug of the IV reminding her that she was still in the middle of the blood transfusion too. "Ready for transport," an unfamiliar voice said. They left the tent soon after. Doll lay still, still shivering; someone lent her a blanket, draping the soft woolen sheet over her body. She clung to the edges of it, needing something to hold onto, feeling wholly unsteady.

Doll heard a rustling outside of the tent. "Zero," she breathed, hearing his voice. The cold began to thaw and even in her darkness she could feel the warmth of him being close. Doll tried to sit up again, but she felt disoriented and dizzy. "Loretta if you don't lay down, I'm going to strap you down." The Doctor warned, but Doll needed to see him, to be close to the sunshine that would take away the darkness. "I need to-" she started when she felt the hand on her shoulder. "Don't make me sedate you," this was enough to make Doll stop. "Zero, can I go to him?" The Doctor was silent for a moment. "Wait five more minutes," he said.

It was agony. Every second that ticked by, the only sound being the trickle of the IV pump infusing the plasma she had lost. There was a void of sight, but of sound there was plenty. She could hear three male voices outside, arguing, more than just the normal banter, they sounded mad. What was wrong? Had something happened? Was someone hurt? Zero, was he alright? Her heart thumped painfully in her chest. She wanted to go to him, even if she couldn't see him. It was scary, in this temporary darkness, Doll could already find herself forgetting. What did Zero look like? She clung to the image of him laughing, the sharp curve of his cheeks, the snowy white hair that framed the startling red eyes. Doll held onto the image for dear life, like a safety raft in the middle of a darkening ocean. She was slipping, her hands no longer able to hold onto the colorful flotation device and drifting down, down, down.

There was a beep, the sound loud and piercing through her mind like a painful spike of white. "Your five minutes are up," Doctor Atarashi said. He disconnected Doll's port from the IV, cleaning the end and capping it. "Can I... go to him now?" She felt herself being lifted, moved from the stretcher to the wheelchair. Her eyes were hidden behind bandages, the teal orbs disappearing behind sterile white. "Zero?" Doll asked once the wheelchair stopped. She wriggled, feeling suddenly self conscious. Doll couldn't see what she was wearing, but she knew it wasn't a hospital gown, she also couldn't see how much of a mess she was, even if the sand had been washed off and her multiple cuts bandaged.

"Now that Xavier is stable, we'll be moving out soon." Doctor Atarashi said to the group. "Where are we going to go?" Doll asked, feeling as though they had exhausted their options. "We're going to Kyoto, in a place called Japan. The Japanese are a smaller nation, but unlike The US and UK, they aren't aligned with any other nation." The Doctor sighed, "in fact, the only reason I can get us there is thanks to a favor owed to me by a client." That was a lot of information to process, but the bottom line was that they were moving again.