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located in Los Angeles, CA, a part of Evergreen Heights Apartment Complex, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Location: Evergreen Heights || Time: 6:55pm || Outfit: â™Ĩ

Genesis finally figured out what which filter accented her features quite nicely. With the picture posted on instagram, she started scrolling through her feed. She has managed to keep all her social media private from her escorts. It was safer than allowing them all to follow her. She was already in danger just being with them. They don't need them being able to stalk her. Genesis doubled tapped her screen, liking a friends photo when two messages popped up onto her screen. One from Matthias and one from Parker.

Matthias was completely on board with being the designated driver, which meant Genesis could get drunk. Maybe after the party, Matthias would make her a meal. Just the thought of that excited her. She loved his cooking. She decided to send him a quick message.

Of course! I will gladly bring the keys right over.

Checking the other message, it seems like she will be dropping her car keys off for him after she deals with Parker.

On my way! Don't freak out!!

Genesis stood up and collected all of her stuff. "Alanna I have to go! See you at the party." She skipped out the front door, locking it behind her, and skipped down the hall to Parker's apartment. She knocked and then let herself in. "The fashionista is here to s-!" She cut short, when she saw Matthias in the kitchen. "Matty!"

She said skipping into the kitchen. Genesis spared him the hug. The scent of food hit her nostrils. "Were you cooking?! And I missed it!" She complained. Running her fingers through her hair, she completely disregarded the fact that she was not invited for food. But she will deal with it later. Right now she had a fashion emergency. Genesis pulled the car keys out of her clutch and placed it on the counter. "Now to help Parker." Genesis turned and skipped off towards Parker's bedroom. She knocked and then just let herself in. "Alright. What's the problem?"