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Snippet #2677316

located in Nod, a part of The Land of Nod, one of the many universes on RPG.


The strange world of dreams.


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Character Portrait: Lyn Danaher Character Portrait: Rick William Parker Character Portrait: Maritza Eldoris Geneva
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"Thanks for the information Rick, although this means that someone or something dragged us to this land...or somehow we are having the same lucid dream together."

The possibility that either they were dreaming or were somehow abducted to this alien world hadn't slipped him by. They were fairly broad conclusions given the fact that logically if they didn't come here themselves they must of been brought somehow. He too had also considered the idea that it might of been a dream. He had dismissed the notion since if it were a dream it wouldn't make nearly as much sense as it did already.

"There is a third option." He proposed. "We could be dead."

It was an eerie thought but not entirely impossible. He let the proposal hang in the air for the while for consideration while he forged onward. It was not long before they reached the riverbank, walking amongst the strange ruins of what was and what might of been. With utter ease he leapt up onto the peak of one such building in a series of short hops from platform to platform. High up he could pick up the trace sounds of others, voices out in the forest carrying in what sounded like a busy conversation.

"Hey Lyn, think we aren't the only ones around these parts. Think they're like us or might they got some answers we don't have?"

He pointed in the direction he roughly believed the voices to be coming from. Much closer however was a lone voice, that of a girl. From his vantage he could see a red haired girl brandishing a blade about the same height as her. More new faces to greet.

"Ahoy there!" He waved, calling out to youthful one far out in the woods. Before he could go down and bid welcome to her the clocktower chimed, the echoing ring which carried across the island cutting right through his train of thought. As if in answer to the call of the chiming a number of roots from the shimmering tree reached out to grasp their island, connecting them to it. These roots flattened, changed and morphed, forming rails and some form of entrance complete with an arch with a banner. Upon the banner there was something written but he couldn't quite read it as it was a bit far from his location.

Needless to say his curiosity was eager like a dog towards a steak. Leaping from the top of the ruin he fell and landed neatly in the earthen floor, leaving very little indent from the impact. Not sparing a moment he broke into a long stride, powerwalking over to where he saw the bridge. He had almost completely forgotton about his previous company. He was reminded of her when he neared the red haired girl who stood between him and the bridge. Looking back he checked to see if she was still in tow.

"Hey Lyn, If that bridge isn't a clear path to something interesting I don't know what is." He spoke in case she was still listening.