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located in Nod, a part of The Land of Nod, one of the many universes on RPG.


The strange world of dreams.


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The reaction to his outburst was neither what he expected or what he was accustomed to. Yes perhaps he made the situation awkward and unsettling for his new companions he was sure of that but he was expecting a violent outburst of their own telling him to get a grip perhaps a minor sort of violence upon his person. That at least was what he would have expected of the friends he had before waking up here in this odd place. Instead the reaction was much more humane. Stian simply asked if he was okay and if he had anything else to say. Lilly seemed to try and comfort him somewhat by, telling him to just take a deep breath, at least until the mention of her wings finally hit her. It was what Nuelle said that hit him the most however.

His eyes went wide at the revelation that the odd girl had no idea who she was, and suddenly Collin simultaneously felt more at peace with this whole situation and guilt for his whining. Now that he snapped somewhat out of his nervous breakdown the situation didn't seem so bad after all. He was surrounded by nature again, not trapped in the bleakness of the city, and though he never quite imagined it like this he had been wanting to go horse riding again ever since they were forced to leave their ranch. Perhaps this wasn't so bad. Still bad of course but Collin could make out what seemed to be the beginning of a silver lining in this dark storm he found himself in.

He sheepishly looked down at the ground and just as he was about to apologize a loud clock chime rang through the air, drawing attention to an elaborate party set up over a bridge. At the very least they had a goal now.

Before anyone could move towards the party another person made their presence known. This one a girl with strange tattoos and speaking an even stranger language. Soon enough however she proved herself capable of speaking English. Broken English but nonetheless at least he could understand her.

He swallowed his nerves as he prepared himself to speak. If he was going to be travelling with these strange people he might as well try to get comfortable around them. Somehow he managed to calm himself enough not to devolve into a useless stuttering mess. "Not sure how we got here. No one is but I think we are supposed to go over there. You can come with us I guess. We all probably are going to end up there eventually." He pointed towards the party as he spoke hoping that the new girl could at least understand him better that way.