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Snippet #2677410

located in Nod, a part of The Land of Nod, one of the many universes on RPG.


The strange world of dreams.


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Character Portrait: Lyn Danaher Character Portrait: Rick William Parker Character Portrait: Maritza Eldoris Geneva
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As Lyn followed Rick to head to the clock tower he told her about, he made one startling and unnerving proposal about their situation. "There is a third option. We could be dead." With those words, Lyn looked at Rick surprised for a second but quickly came to her senses. "Well that is a possibility as well. Jeeze, for a guy who try's to joke around, you sure can come up with some grim conclusions. But if that is true then the afterlife certainly is strange...very strange indeed." She laughed it off and continued to walk forward until they reached the riverbank and began to walk among the ruins of past things that was once standing.

Watching as Rick began to platform hop to the peak of one of these building, Lyn followed suit by climbing the structure with ease making use of the many cracks as a foothold before pulling herself up to the peak of the building. Once she was on top on the building she also heard the sounds of voices, by the sound of it it seemed that there were more people and more specifically they were not far away although she was not sure where the voices came from. Rick soon spoke up. "Hey Lyn, think we aren't the only ones around these parts. Think they're like us or might they got some answers we don't have?" Lyn turned to face him before speaking. "No clue, for all I know they could be walking candy with all I have seen so far. But we just gotta hope they are friendly and that maybe they know what is going on here." She spoke before looking in the direction Rick was pointing in and saw a woman with red hair, and she was not made of candy. "Ok we can safely rule out candy people..."

Before Lyn could say something, Rick called out to the woman and shorty afterwards the clock tower began to ring with an unusually loud tone. What followed the ringing was the roots of the large white tree isolated on another floating island began to coil and roll outwards, anchoring themselves to other islands. What made this sight even more stranger than it needed to be, the roots began to flatten out into elaborate bridge-like constructs with guard rails to prevent people from falling off the edge. Finally to top it all off the entrance of the bridge was decorated with a party banner draped with confetti along. She could not see the words since she was too far away however she knew that that the banners were party banners making her come up with a strange proposal. "Did this place, expect us to come?" She muttered the words.

Of course there was no time to stand around confused and thinking about the bride, as soon as Lyn saw Rick leap of the building, she followed by doing a front flip off the building and landing perfectly on her feet, years in her schools cheer leading group did that for you, of course she made sure not to let her parents know she was doing something rather dangerous. She then began to slowly walk over to the group while waving. "Hello! Pleaed to meet you, names Lyn. And Rick, when one sees a bridge draped with a party banner of course it leads to something special. Maybe we can get some answers." Lyn called out to the two eventually taking her spot a few feet away from the others.