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Snippet #2678014

located in Nod, a part of The Land of Nod, one of the many universes on RPG.


The strange world of dreams.


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Character Portrait: Nuelle Character Portrait: Stian Nordskov Character Portrait: Collin Phillips Character Portrait: Liliana Newfolk Character Portrait: Are Al'Savon Demrea
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"W-we'd all like to know that," she stutters, giving the most honest response she could give to Are. She was already overwhelmed by everything, having to absorb all of it as if they were her very first memories. All she had to go on was what she felt, and what little she knew from what Abdown told her. In fact, she wishes that he didn't leave her holding the bag like this, it was kind of rude.

Nuelle turned to the newly formed bridge, and made her way over to it. Her sense of caution was at least very much intact, giving the bridge a few cautious taps with her foot. It seemed sturdy and steady, the strange white wood was in fact very strong if not a bit pliable. She walked onto it a bit making it clear that it wasn't going to give, at least not very easily. She turned to the others giving a lazy wave. As soon as she turned her back to the bridge, she felt a coldness rush over her body once more, this time more direct, more local, in fact the source felt like it was coming from behind her. So cold. Something had moved itself near her, she could hear its breath... sounding like... static. The angry sound filled her ears, or more accurately, her head. She slowly turned, the static getting louder, followed by a hollow rattle, then silence. The rattle was a sound that was not in her head, and to anyone nearby they too would have heard it.

Nothing. There was nothing there when she looked. No, there there was something there, she was convinced of it now, and could still feel it faintly. Instead of fear, she grew more and more curious. The curiosity driving her to walk forward as if in a trance across the bridge. To anyone watching, she would appear to cast two shadows briefly, the second seeming to just evaporate. She herself was oblivious to it.