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located in Ursa Major, a part of The Bear's Loft, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ursa Major



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❝Could you not look up at me. It’s annoying ❞
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|| Sleepless || Kate Hovnevik ||

The first thing Ursel was greeted by was the sound of murmuring voices. They weren’t really murmuring but she was still too drowsy to actually hear them clearly. She was able to tally up how many people were talking, two men and two women but their voices still seemed a bit muffled. Cracking open one amber colored eye, Ursel did a quick survey of her surroundings. The bear Hybrids shifted in her position and she realized that she had been sitting down on a cold and metallic surface. Just where am I? Another look around told her that she was inside a decent sized metal capsule. She couldn’t see to her right or to her left but the entirety of the front of the capsule was made of glass. Movement caught her attention and amber orbs were drawn to a youthful looking face that was peering into her capsule. It was a scientist although she had never met the man before. All the Hybrid did was stare at the man and he stared back with his a smile. It was a pretty creepy smile too.

He blinked and then began to write something down. At first Ursel was curious and made the attempt to stand but her body was still feeling pins and needles. With a frown she accepted that she wouldn’t be getting up just yet. She did however move her body up so that her back was straight. It seemed like that small action caught the scientists attention because he stopped scribbling and grinned at her. “How are you feeling uh,” he quickly glanced over to the side of her capsule, “. .. experiment number six huh? You’re one of the older ones then. How does that feel?” He tapped the glass with his pen but that only got him a cold stare. “Not up for talking I see. That’s fine. Just blink or nod for a few of my questions.” Ursel ended up blinking so he ended up taking that as a yes.

Once all the respective questions had been answered, more or less, the young man left her alone after getting some sort of notification. Leaning forwards, Ursel caught sight of a single word, Extermination. At that same moment her neighbor began to shout out the very questions that were running through her head. “Why are you getting rid of us you ugly bastards.” she growled at them. Suddenly the alarms went off and red lights began to flash. The suddenness of it jolted her into being fully alert. Some figure then barged in and tackled the other scientists to the ground before approaching some metal box. It opened it to reveal a lever and it was then that she heard that arrogant lion yell. "Wait! Just let us out! Don't pull that lever!"

Ursel did not know where exactly they were but if that level read Capsule Release then they were certainly somewhere where they could be released. This realization was a quick one and just as she slammed into the glass of her container, the figure pulled the lever and Ursel was surrounded by a sea of blue. Almost immediately her body bounced around as her capsule began to do cartwheels in the air as it plummeted to the ground. She did her best to try and grab onto something and she was only able to catch glimpses outside her window as she fell. She managed to see one or two other capsules but the spinning motion of her own made her feel sick. It didn’t take long for her head to finally hit something hard and she was barely conscious when her capsule crashed through a few trees.

She didn’t know how long she was knocked out for but one thing was for sure. Her current position was not a good one. For one, Ursel’s head hurt like hell and she was also feeling very light headed. Amber orbs slowly moved around the small space and realized that there was nothing holding her. A sudden jolt when through her body but Ursel forced herself to calm down. From the looks of it she was lying on the glass window that surprisingly held up from her crash landing. It had various cracks running through its surface but she could see grass below her. “Wait . . .” Looking closely, Ursel realized that she was suspended in the air by something. “Shit”

The polar bear hybrid moved her body slightly to keep the capsule from moving however that proved pointless as the branches that held her container ground under the weight. There really was only one way for her to get down from such a high position and it was going to hurt. Growling at the world, Ursel gritted her teeth and jerked her body. A wave of nausea then washed over her but Ursel kept at it until finally the branches snapped underneath the shifting weight of the capsule. She curled up as best she could but the impact from hitting the ground still bruised her body. The glass had also shattered upon impact and some of the shards had lodged themselves into her skin.

With a loud groan, Ursel rolled on her back as gently as she could to avoid having more pieces of glass cut into her skin. Her head was throbbing with pain and it was getting rather difficult to stay awake. That was when she heard it, someone was calling out her name although she had a hard time actually making out the words. Ursel recognized the voice as Vidra. A young hybrid who had grown attached to her over the years. “Vidra . . .” she only managed a weak croak but she doubted even with the otter hybrids ears, she’d be able to hear Ursel. From the sound of it she didn’t seem like she was close to where Ursel was either. “Vidra!” this time Ursel’s voice was a little louder but not loud enough for it to be carried over such a distance.

It was about time that she attempt to get up but that proved to be incredibly difficult. Eventually Ursel was able to turn onto her stomach and with gritted teeth, she pulled herself out from underneath the capsule. Her stomach slide across the broken shards but she was able to lift up her body enough to minimize the damage. Now that she was out of the capsule, Ursel flipped over onto her back again and stared up at the blue sky. Her hands then began to roam about her body, feeling for the various cuts that she had no doubted collected. “Hello!?” Ursel called out for the third time. Her body was quite battered and getting herself out from under the capsule made her even more tired than she had thought it would. She just really needed to rest her body for a bit but she had no intention of falling back asleep, not yet anyway.