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Snippet #2679695

located in Nod, a part of The Land of Nod, one of the many universes on RPG.


The strange world of dreams.


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Character Portrait: Nuelle Character Portrait: Stian Nordskov Character Portrait: Collin Phillips Character Portrait: Liliana Newfolk Character Portrait: Are Al'Savon Demrea Character Portrait: Venessa & System 41
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Are watched as the girl crossed the bridge. Then the noise came. It wasn't much. Just annoying. But with the hangover it was like being repeatedly stabbed in the brain with a club or war hammer. She looked up and seen the second shadow. Something wasn't right. "Wait. Stop!" Are walked to the edge of the bridge. Her tattoos slowed down to a crawl and was a jet black.

Vennesa sat just out of sight cross legged in the grass. Her hoodie covered her head and helped blend with the environment. It didn't matter that the hoodie was a bit too large. System couched next to her cloaked. "Look at them system. All fools. they are starting to understand." she whispered to him. System rotated his head to scan the area. "[OBSERVATION NOTED.]" the volume was low. "You are a sarcastic douche." "[NOTED]"