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located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Character Portrait: Valko Character Portrait: Sinclair Character Portrait: Lune Character Portrait: Raven Character Portrait: Harper Character Portrait: Doctor
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"Believe me, I know how hard this can be to accept, let alone understand." Valko says, raising his chin to reveal his death scar. "All of us in this room have died already, and been brought back by Death. Well, specifically a Reaper, such as myself. You see, when Death finds a particularly strong spirit, he will sometimes recruit them and give them special powers so that they can help things move more smoothly. We keep the world of the living running, to put it in another way. Without the Reapers, human souls would wander the earth forever, and the demons could attack the living."

He pauses here, realizing that he may be taking things to quickly, explaining too much in one go. But time is of the essence, there is a demon loose in the city and while Sinclair and his rogues may be able to take it out, there is no telling how much collateral damage will be caused in the process. Just before he speaks again, a new figure emerges from the shadows.

"Ah, Doctor, there you are. Did your job go well?" Valko asks the new figure, dressed all in black, and with a pale white mask, but instead of robes Doctor wears an odd black suit and hat.

Doctor looks at Valko and nods, and then without saying a word looks to Harper and tilts their head before looking back to Valko.

"This is Harper, I just recruited her." Valko explains. To which Doctor straightens their head before nodding and bowing slightly to Harper. "This is Doctor." Valko says, looking back at Harper. "He, she? They've been around for a long time as well, a Reaper, like myself, and now you. Now, let me see if you can do this."

Reaching out, palm up, Valko focuses on the palm of his hand, and slowly white specks begin to appear. The specks grow larger, then start to come together, until soon a simple white mask is formed. The mask falls into his hand, and as his skin touches it, the color darkens to black and silver, and the form changes, making it look more like the face of a wolf.

"Just focus on the idea of a death mask, and it should come to you."


Sinclair had been around his recruits long enough to have grown used to their antics. He knew that, when it came to combat, Lune wasn't the strongest of the group, but that last mission had been a test to see how strong she had become since he had met her. Lune was indeed stronger, it was true, but still not at the point where he would trust her to go out on a solo mission of such magnitude again. If he really wanted to, he could force her to go after the murderer on her own, and she could probably manage that. But what he says is-

"Don't worry Lune, you are injured, and the police won't see be catching this particular murderer." What Sinclair was hiding from the Reaper was that this was potentially a new recruit in the making. A murderer? Yes, but an effective one, with a strong spirit. "I would like you to accompany Raven and myself as we see about this demon problem. Do you think you can manage that?"

Although his words sounded sincere enough, there was an edge to them that his Rogues knew well. When he asked something, it wasn't actually a question in most cases. Not when a job was involved at least.

"And Raven, I believe your Orion will come in handy, so yes, I would like you to come along with me as well." Sinclair says, ignoring some of the Reaper's questions. "And yes, Valko did manage to recruit a new member. A young girl who was shot down. I think it will be some time before she masters her abilities, but given the manner of her death, and the rules that Valko likes to live by, we may be able to bring her to our side."

With that being said Sinclair walks past Raven and over to a dark corner of the room. He reaches a hand out into the shadow and it disappears. Sinclair closes his eyes, and they move rapidly behind his lids for a moment, until they stop and he opens his eyes. As he does so the image of a busy city street can be see through the shadows, as if someone were looking at the scene through thick black smoke. It looks as though there has been an accident, cars are stopped, some piled up. Police and people run about, but none of them notice the large dark form standing on the corner laughing, because to all of them, he cannot be seen.