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Snippet #2681164

located in Ekland Farm, a part of The Spirit Detectives, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ekland Farm



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Character Portrait: Duncan McAlister Character Portrait: Briella Adair Character Portrait: Leon D'Artagnan Character Portrait: Tom Passano Character Portrait: Cassandra Artemis Character Portrait: Monk Dawa
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Dawa was quick to defend himself at Tom's outburst. He threw his hands up and cocked his head with a sly grin saying, "Alright! Alright! I was just joking. There's no need to get physical here." He then raised his voice to a yell, "And that includes you too! I'll leaver her alone!" For now, he added in his thoughts. Turning to Cassie he put on his most innocent face and asked, "Is it alright if I come with you?"

Cassie's eyes blinked rapidly, still slightly blinded from the incredibly bright light that had sent the being away. The light spots in her vision meant she hadn't noticed the figure lingering after the unexpected light show, but that was probably for the better. Without seeing it linger, she could convince herself it was just a shadow from outside. The spots cleared up just in time to see the monk making the strangest face. It was as if he was trying to do an interpretive dance using only his eyebrows. She was caught off guard by his question. So far, he'd shown no inclination that he'd ever ask permission for anything. As her Nanna would say, he was an 'Easier to ask forgiveness than for permission' type of person.

"I suppose I don't mind as long as you keep those sort of comments to yourself," She shrugged. Cassie wasn't sure what Tom could see in the dark, so she quickly stepped closer to him and patted his hand in thanks. She wasn't exactly comfortable with Dawa's comments, but after the figure's appearance she didn't want to go alone. Duncan seemed a little out of it, and after Leon's comment about where they were headed, she definitely didn't want to go with them. Before she could consider Briella, she was interrupted by Dawa's hands.

'Well this is taking forever,' Dawa thought. He grabbed Cassie's shoulder's and steered her down the hall towards the Parlor Room calling out over his shoulder, "We've got our earpieces! You just take it easy, Homie." Again, a dated reference revealed his upbringing had been a little... irregular.

When they made reached the end of the hallway, Dawa stepped softly into the room first. He wanted to check it out before he let Cassie anywhere near it. Earlier, he'd just been giving her a hard time, but he truly didn't want anything to happen to her. The room seemed empty, he couldn't sense any spirits. Though if Dawa was being honest, he wasn't the best at sensing non-malicious ghosts, as evidenced earlier. Either way, he moved to the side and let Cassie in.

Cassie was a little confused as Dawa had spent the better part of two minutes stuck in the doorway. His eyes seemed to glance over every inch of the medium sized place. She thought about suggesting that it would be easier to find her bag if they actually went into the room, but held her tongue. He hadn't made any comments so far and she wasn't going to try and say anything that would end that. Once he let her in, she gave him a description of her backpack, not that there were any others to confuse it with, and they began the search.

Dawa had found the backpack about 5 minutes ago. He hadn't yet told Cassie because the second he locked eyes with the bag he felt an overwhelming feeling of curiosity about the contents. So far he'd found a Ouija board, a plethora of multicolored candles, various herbs, and some crystals. Cassie was certainly full of surprises. With her 'supernatural things aren't real' attitude, he never would have suspected she'd come packing such items.

When he opened the front pocket, a deck of Tarot cards fell out onto the floor. After studying them for a second he popped up from behind the couch he'd been hiding behind. "Hey Cass, I found your bag. Also, these fell out. Weird." He smiled a sly smile. "Come tell my fortune."

Cassie was started by the sudden outburst in an otherwise silent room. She pursed her lips at the obviously searched bag and said,""

Dawa looked so defeated. His shoulder's sank and his bottom lip quivered. "Please Cass?" He begged, "It'll be good for the investigation!" She sighed in response. Cassie had promised her Nanna that she'd do whatever she could to help the investigation. That way her Grandmother could be sure Cassie was truly not psychic if nothing happened. Cassie took the bag from him and began setting up the reading as she was taught.

With a little incense burning, they sat on opposite sides of the table. Joining hands, they meditated for a short while until Dawa said he was ready. Cassie wasn't so sure she was though. She gave a short overview of what each needed to do. She chose the simplest layout for this reading.

Dawa took the deck from the center of the table and shuffled it, clearing away any energies that remained from previous uses. He set the deck on the table and asked in a loud, clear voice, "What is going to happen to me in this house?" After Dawa cut the deck into 4 piles, he placed the top cards in the positions indicated by Cassie.

Cassie reached for the first card. Just as her hand grazed the card, it turned over on its own. Death. Both shocked, the two non-spirits in the room locked eyes. "The wind," Cassie rationalized. Dawa nodded despite not believing it for a second.

She saw the tension building in Dawa as he nearly glared at the card, "Death doesn't mean you're going to die. It means you are going to change. Or... something is going to change." Cassie hadn't paid much attention when her Nanna taught her these things, but repeating them enough times let her remember at least the basics.

Reaching for the second card, she wasn't sure what to expect. Yet again, the card flipped over at the barest touch from Cassie. Reverse Magician. Realizing it'd be stupid to try and accuse the wind again, she pretended it didn't happen. "Since it's reverse, it means you need to work on your ego-" Cassie was interrupted.

"Cass, maybe you should try to talk to them. They sure seem like they want to talk to you." Dawa reached over and took her hand again.

Cassie stared at the monk as if he was insane. He wanted her to talk to nothing? He didn't seem willing to let up. She turned to the room and in a shaky voice called out, "I-if you want, I c-can tell your fortune n-next." For the smallest sliver of a second, she swore she saw an old woman pointing towards the door with an urgent expression.

The minute Cassie began speaking to the spirit that had been interfering with their game, Dawa felt the room grow heavy. Evil was seeping in through the ceiling and through the cracks. He wanted to grab Cassie and run, but he was stuck to his seat by the same force that had kept his eyes locked on the figure through the window. Trying with all his might to scream for Cassie to get out, he could only manage a small peep. It was too late.

The darkness had collected itself into one form and it advanced on the unseeing Cassie. It launched itself nearly halfway across the room and knocked her chair to the floor. A bone chilling scream echoed in the room, but Dawa couldn't identify who it came from. The monk used all the might he could muster and pushed himself out of his chair. It felt as if he was traveling through molasses, but he powered through.

The darkness was so thick he couldn't even see Cassie, but he held out his palm toward the being on top of her. Saying the simple words that had been like a mantra earlier in his life, he was terrified to see the being only laugh. That chant worked on the most powerful demons he'd met so far. He repeated the chant over and over, seeing the figure back away from him. It wasn't disappearing as they usually do, but it was at least bothered by it.

Once he caught sight of a bloodied Cassie, he grabbed her jacket hood and pulled her towards the door with one hand while keeping the other up. Still chanting, he pulled her into his arms once he reached the door. Cassie was hysterical, holding onto him so tightly he thought he may lose circulation. Her sobs were cutting deep into his soul, but he turned and ran back to the living room.

Once they arrived, he set Cassie down long enough to create a salt circle around them. She didn't make it easy though, Cassie was scrambling to hold onto him as if he was her lifeline. Despite the rapid beating of his heart and the absolute terror on his face, he sat down across from her on the floor. "It's okay, Cass. We're safe now." Dawa wasn't sure that was true, but letting her cry wasn't going to help. He set to work trying to clean her up enough to find where the blood was coming from. There was a concerning amount, but he just kept talking to her as if they'd just been on a nice jog rather than a run for their lives.

Maybe this house was more dangerous than either of them thought.