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located in Sanctum City, a part of Gatewatchers, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sanctum City



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Character Portrait: Zane Bell Character Portrait: Minori Fukutawa Character Portrait: Cedric Valentine Character Portrait: Nathan de Vries
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Nothing but an empty building.


Another empty building, although this one was filled with more boxes than the last.



"Aaah!" Nathan flinched with a yelp of surprise as a flock of startled pigeons flew towards his face. Flailing a bit, Nathan hurriedly brought up an arm to cover his head as the pigeons flew past his face with a lot of cooing, disturbed from their resting place by a boy who had suddenly appeared right in the middle of them. Cringing, Nathan turned around to face the rapidly receding flock, giving a wave to them sheepishly. "Sorry..!"

Heart settling from the shock, Nathan turned to look through the window to see if the person who'd sent the distress call was there. He'd been teleporting from place to place ever since he'd heard the roar, curious to find out what it was. It hadn't occurred to him that it could have been dangerous and way out of his league to handle - Nathan was too busy trying to find out what had made such a noise in the first place. Having created a map of the area inside his mind, Nathan had quickly made segments of each area and teleported to them to search, going through sector by sector methodically until he reached the one that contained whatever made the roar, ugency enhanced by the call someone had placed through the coms. It was something he'd never heard before - it was too primal to be a gorilla, too low and deep to be a bird. What was it?! Maybe he could find out now? Nathan looked through the window, hope rising inside his chest as he did so.

Nothing but boxes to be seen.

Nathan's heart dropped. ... ok, not here. But maybe the next one! Rallying himself together, Nathan teleported to the next place with another *pop*.

Moments later, a pigeon flying in midair disappeared with a sqwuak and a fluff of feathers as something invisible chomped on it.


Another building, a theatre this time. Glad that there were no pigeons this time, Nathan peered through the window... only to see people inside. Squinting, he looked down to see two people who... well, Nathan wasn't really sure since he couldn't see them properly, but they seemed like the people he had met yesterday? They were beside a shattered golem. Looking down to the ground, Nathan blinked in surprise as he noticed a kid with red hair look inside... and shrug to himself and leave.

What?! Nathan blinked and rubbed at his eyes, just to make sure that he wasn't seeing things wrong. No, the kid was definitely leaving instead of helping the people inside. His jaw dropped a little as a mixture of emotions ran through him, shock being the most prevalent. Why?! Why's he doing something like that? Doesn't he care that people might be injured?! Or is he someone behind the attack - wow, if he is that's actually pretty impressive because he's like my age and they're like adults - wait, nows not the time for this! Wh-What if they're dead or something?! Or just badly injured? I've gotta go down and help them!

Nathan made to teleport down to the ground, only to stop himself at the last second. If the redhead was the one who'd attacked the two unconscious people, then wouldn't it be better to wait until he left? If he could take down two Gatewatchers than he'd probably be able to take Nathan out without much trouble too! Looking around from his perch on top of the warehouse, Nathan looked around, hoping against hope that he'd find assistance.

Much to his surprise, he found some.

There were some people approaching the place he was on, although they were a few buildings away. Another group from the opposite direction, too! They must have gotten the message on the coms! Thinking quickly, Nathan glanced back to the ground - the boy was gone! Where'd he go? - and came to a decision.

He teleported to the group on the right first. They were the ones closest to the theatre, and could provide professional help faster than he could. Upon closer look Nathan noticed that they were medical squad, accompanied by someone who was probably their leader. Appearing a few meters in front of them, Nathan ignored the shocked looks on their faces and squeezed out, almost too fast to make out "The theatre, two people injured and unconscious - one man with his leg shattered and another lady unconscious and someone that looks like Abraham Lincoln shattered -"

"Wait, slow down! One man and one lady unconscious and injured in the theatre?" The person who seemed to be leader of the medical squad asked, as if trying to make sense of what Nathan was saying. "And a shattered Abraham Lincoln?" She raised an eyebrow at Nathan, who nodded frantically. "You were there at the scene? Is anyone still there? Did you see anybody?"

"N-No, nobody was there - just the two. Minori and a man." Nathan didn't think of telling them about the redheaded boy, that could wait until later. He'd left the scene too, so it wasn't really important right? "They're in a bad way! But there's another group heading your way, they looked like medical personnel too. Should I inform them about this too?"

"Hmm. Sir?" The leader looked at the person on the right, A man of science. Belatedly, Nathan realised that it was Bolin Vale, head of the science division. What was he doing here?

"... We should go on first. Now that we know there are no hostiles, we can move without hesitation of being attacked. We're likely to reach there by the time the others get there, anyway, and they're of no help to us dead. You, boy." Nathan yelped as Director Vale turned to face him, spine going straight as an arrow. Ignoring the jitters Nathan showed, Vale asked, "You go and inform the others while we head there. Understood?"

"Y-Yes!" Nathan nodded. Wheeling around, he took a couple of steps as if to run before disappearing from sight with a pop.


The other side was manned by Billy Gonzalez, as it turned out. Things turned out much the same - ask what's going on, find out that there was a director in charge, head to the theatre without further ado. The only thing changed was that Director Gonzalez muttered a few somethings under his breath that Nathan couldn't quite make out (and wasn't sure he wanted to make out, judging the irritated expression on his face) and ordered his team to move faster. Then he asked if Nathan could teleport them to the site, seeing as he knew where it was and had proven his ability to teleport.

Nathan nodded, feeling embarrassed that he hadn't thought of doing so before. Ugh, he was such an idiot! Within seconds everyone in Director Gonzalez's squad had teleported to the theatre, reaching it at about the same time as Director Vale's squad.

As the two squads checked up on Minori and Cedric, Nathan wobbled back and took a seat away from all the hubbub, leaning against the wall. What with the last teleport involving multiple people and the single yet multiple teleports before, Nathan was starting to feel the effects of using magic continuously. Exhausted, Nathan took the moment to close his eyes and rest, although he kept a listening ear out, still curious as to what was going on.

He'd completely forgotten about meeting his brother for lunch.