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located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Character Portrait: Valko Character Portrait: Sinclair Character Portrait: Lune Character Portrait: Raven Character Portrait: Harper Character Portrait: Finn McCool Character Portrait: Doctor
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"From this point on, I'm afraid many choices will be made for you. Death himself decided that you would become a Reaper, and your own death decided other things, such as your mask, your scar, and your abilities. You can summon weapons now, using your own spiritual energy, and you will find you have a unique power that no other Reaper bares." Valko says this and then stands and takes a step back from the table. "You have seen Finn's ability to manipulate fire. I can do the same with ice."

Raising his left hand, Valko looks at his palm and a chunk of ice forms. From that chunk he shapes a sphere, and then manipulates it so that it looks like a crystal ball. Closing his hand around the orb it turns to powdery snow, and as the snow falls it disappears. Reaching to his hips with a hand on either side, he then closes his hands, as if holding onto something, then makes as if to draw a weapon. And it happens. A pair of ancient looking, curved daggers appear in his hands, looking very sharp.

"You have a power and weapon of your own, and as much as I would like to teach you how to do this, I'm afraid we simply don't have the time." Valko drops his daggers and they, like the snow, disappear. Turning to Finn and Doctor he says, "The man who killed Harper is still out there, but worse I have learned that there is a demon after him. The demon plans on possessing the man. We have to slay the demon, and stop the man. You know the laws, we cannot harm the living intentionally, so we'll have to work around that."

Walking over to a shadowy corner of the warehouse, Valko reaches into the shadows, and when he pulls back, it is as if he has opened a door. There is a window in the shadows, looking out over a scene of chaos downtown. A huge figure with red skin and horns stands on the corner, laughing as people scurry about.

"Finn, Doctor, Harper, let's get going."

With a nod Doctor walks over and steps through the portal.


Sinclair could read his people like the pages of a book. He knew that Lune had no real interest in this endeavor, that she would like to protest, but she understood how bad of an idea that was. Sinclair did indeed have secret information on both of his rogues, deadly information. While a Reaper cannot remember their own name, that doesn't mean they cannot learn the name of another.

Restless and annoyed after the debacle with Valko, Sinclair shakes his head and steps through the portal and into downtown. It would stay open for about another minute, long enough for Lune and Raven to join him. Or to back out. He suspected that should they back out, he would have a touch of trouble tracking them down again, but it could be done. Reapers were made for hunting spiritual beings, even other Reapers. When he was still blind to the truth of his abilities, Sinclair had even hunted down his own kind, rogue Reapers, on the orders of Death.

The scene before Sinclair was, in a word, chaos. The demon stood on the corner, one arm raised, index finger pointing at a police officer. As the man tried to speak into his megaphone, to try and direct the crowd that had gathered, the demon affected his words, silencing them sometimes, garbling them at others. At the same time he was staring at a body lying prone in the intersection, a pool of blood quickly forming beneath it. The woman was dying, would be dead quite soon Sinclair suspected, and then the demon would feed. It would suck up her soul like soup, making himself stronger.