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located in The Seven Seas, a part of Making Waves, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Seven Seas



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Character Portrait: Angelique Thuron Character Portrait: Josephine Dimas Aguilar
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Cannons fired not even a full second after Josephine adressed the man that spoke with the blonde lady. The thunderous reports of the cannons made Josephine flinch before she remembered that the crew needed to sink the Illustrious. She then attempted to calm herself as her heart beat on her ribs like a caged bear. It hadn't been long since Josephine first boarded the Acheron, and after a while she would get used to the crashing and clanging sounds of raging combats.

Josephine looked down and popped her knuckles before pushing her sleeves back up to her elbows and crossing her arms. A strand of her brown hair had fallen out of the strip of red cloth that held her hair in a bun and hung down the side of her face curving slightly aside the curve of her porcelain cheek. She steadied herself by changing her footing to a more widespread stance. Her brown trousers, which were torn just below her knees, swayed slightly in response to the change of position.

She let a short breath out in a failed attempt to steady her whirling nerves. "My apologies for that. It's been some time since I have actually left port on a ship." She sighed as she moved the stubborn piece of hair out of her face. "I will be needin' help transportin' the supplies required for the patchin' the boat needs at the soonest opportunity." The cannonfire must have made Josephine forget that the blonde lass was busy patching the crew because she spoken more pointedly at the lass than at the seemingly unoccupied man that stood beside them.

Angelique clasped her slightly bloody hands together and turned to her savior. "Oh, thank God I'm not the only one that's not good on a ship still. I'll see if I can't find you some strapping men that aren't bleeding heavily. Speaking of which, did you suffer any hits?" The young woman glanced up and down the carpenter. "I'm not seeing anything, but let me know if you start to feel light headed or dizzy. Or if you just need a bandage. I'm still pretty good on everything right now." Angelique smiled before adding, "Ah, I don't believe I got your name, miss...?"

Josephine stifled a smile at the blonde. It was a good feeling to not be laughed at by at least one person for such a visible display of fear and discomfort. The lady did seem to care only for leeping damaged people alive. That was an admirable quality for a doctor. When the doctor asked Josephine for her name, Josephine held her hand out for a handshake. "I'm Josephine, and you are?" Perhaps Josephine could find a friend here other than the boat itself.

Angelique wiped her hands on her skirt quickly before taking Josephine's hand. "Angelique, please. The pleasure is mine. Glad to know there's another woman aboard other than my aunt and the boyish lieutenant. We'll have to chat once everything has gotten calmer around this place." She broke the handshake and gave a start. "I still need to check on everyone else! I'll send some cute boys your way to help you out, Josephine, though they might be a bit dazed after I get through with them!" She laughed and did a little curtsy. "I'll be off, then. Adieu!" Angelique flitted back out of the hold, leaving Josephine to her own devices. After all, she had sailors to attend to, and perhaps she'd run into that cute navigator.

Josephine nodded at Angelique as she introduced herself and broke the handshake, "Their help'll be much appreciated." Josephine then went to gather supplies she needed and make sure that when help arrived, it wouldn't be difficult to start moving. She needed wood, nails, and a saw. Josephine then realized that her hammer wasn't currently on her person. She began looking around her, "Maybe I dropped it." she mumbled quickly to herself. After a few minutes of this panicked search, she remembered that she set the hammer down where she needed to do repairs. She relaxed and then double checked the supplies she had gotten ready for transport.

Angelique must have kept to her word of sending people because soon after Josephine finished double checking everything, two men showed up to assist her. The two men were rather strong and seemed too tired to care that they were taking orders from a petite lady like Josephine. They helped her transport the supplies. During the walk, Josephine saw Angelique running around covered in more blood than before. When Josephine and the two men got to their destination, the two men told her that they had to get some rest. Josephine thanked them with a kiss on their cheeks then went to work. She simply patched holes and reinforced any weak spot that she could before she got tired and had to retire to rest for the night.

Josephine decided that she would be back to work in the morning and it wasn't worth moving. She lied against a freshly repaired part of the hull and soon found herself in her dreams.