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located in universe, a part of I don't belong here in heaven, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Amaya sighted and turned around to sit down on a fallen tree, using its stem as a bench. She yawned and swinged one leg over the other while moving her foot along with some silent rythm only she could hear. The girl said she did a lot of praying since she was a shrine maiden, but she was not sure if she'd ever prayed for rain. Huh, praying a lot.. But not for rain? Maya was not very happy with the answer and the human boy seemed to ignore her completely. Natsumi even spoke of deadly youkai devouring people, was that so wise? - reveal their kind? Amaya guess it did not matter, since the children was going to get absorbed anyways. Even so, she could not miss the chance to tease the mu-onna. The purple haired ameonna played nonchalant for a moment, licking her fingers slowly while humming on some melody. Then she bursted out in a soft laugh, raising her red gaze and looked at the party of three with one eyebrow higher than the other.

"Youkai? Devouring people? Look who's talking. The absorbing mu-onna! Hahaha you are so funny Natsumi.." she turned her face to the 2 children. "But suit yourselves humans, i did warn you" she smiled with a soft giggle "Let's hope you don't have any relatives or loved ones looking for you, because there won't be anything left" her words and her facial expression did not match at all. As her voice spoke of death, her face was glowing with amusement. Sadistic and teasing. Now all she had to do was wait. There was two possible outcomes - either Natsumi would "take care" of the children. Or the guys from the shrine would come here when noticing that not all 3 humans had made their way to the shrine... In both situation - there would be drama- And Amaya enjoyed a little thrill in her otherwise boring everyday life. All that was missing was the popcorn, as she still sat down on her falling tree - waiting with anticipation.




As the chilly evening air had begun to bite her bare arms, Nao was shaking slightly- her teeth almost chattering in secret. She was confused, "Chi-chi" was inviting them to a pub? And she offered to explain everything... Well that might be interesting, but was it safe? The old lady continued talking... Nao froze when hearing the word boyfriend. Normally she would have been fast to answer but Kyo where faster. "Me and this loser? Hah! Not in a million years Grams" The answer itself was not a surprise. Hers would probably been similar. But for some strange reason, it got to her really bad. Nao's ears stopped working. She did not want to hear anymore insults. If Nao had felt a slap in her face when being called Nag, this made her heart sink to the bottom of the ocean. He was right, after all, who would ever look at her in a romantic way? Even that kiss from earlier, with the blue haired beautiful girl - had to be a joke. Yea, just make fun of the unattractive Nag.

She swallowed and her russet brown eyes seeked out the comfort with looking at her two feet who where swinging nervesly at the spot. "Ain’t that right Nao?". Nao shocked her head and bite her lower lip hard, as to keep all her anger inside. "Yea... Not even if he was the last man on earth" she managed to utter with a disgusted tone - but did not have the courage to look ether Kyo or Chi-chi in the eyes - instead she tried to peek inside through the little window of the bar. Maybe to hide her gaze shining with sadness. It was not that she actually liked Kyo or anything. probably. - he was just a troublemaker who got on her nervs really bad. But even considering that- the school prez did have feelings, and she was hurt.

"But I think we’ll take you up on that offer old lady. If you’re paying, I got no qualms with having a drink." Nao was just about to start walking and seek for a spot where her phone got signal got better, when Kyos words reached her ears. Wait... What did he just say? Nao opened her eyes wide in surprise and watched his backside as he walked inside the pub, Rōzuu~ebu. What was he thinking with? Oh right, he did not think at all - as per usual.

She sighted and rolled her eyes. It gave her no choice but to follow. Plus, she was cold - and the pub felt a bit tempting.. Not that it was a pub. But because.. It was inside... Warmth.. She closed her fists hard, her nails digging in to her palms making her face wince a bit in pain. She then released the grip and slapped her cheeks 3 times, as to prepare herself for what to come. An action which left her cheeks blushing in a vague pink shade.

"yosh..." she whispered, before entering the pub just seconds after Kyo. The pub was quite nice. Not very chaotic and lively as one would imagine. But small, well taken care of and kind of cozy. She shivered watching the goosebumps rise on her arms, feeling the warmth embrace her cold body and slowly make her feel alot better. Walking through the room, to towards Kyos table, she let her eyes wander pass the people sitting there. They looked... wierd. The clothes was unusual... And some looked more like animals than humans... Ears, tails, scary masks, and fur. Was she hallucinating again? She walked passed an albino boy clinging on to a blonde handsome man. Was this a cosplay gaybar? Hrmm...

She sat down by the table with a "humpf" choosing the seat as far away from Kyo as possible. Even tho the bar was already calm, the atmosphere seemed changed after they'd entered. Had the sound level gone down? Was people staring at them? Well, they did look kind of "out of place" and Nao guessed the residents of this village was not used to strangers coming to their place? She crossed her arms under her chest and glanced around while waiting for Chi-chi to join them with some answers!

Meanwhile a tall and creepy looking man had approached Nao from behind. She heard someone clearing his throat and she spun around on her chair to look at the man. Was that wings on his back? Seriously, what was wrong with her eyes today? "Such a pretty looking human girl. Just my type... How about joining me for a drink. A beauty like this will just go to waste by the side of that blonde one over there. He does not appreciate nor see what im seeing" his voice was soft like honey, making Nao blush but also tense up where she sat on her chair. He offered her a glass of alcohol, putting in on the table in front of her while bowing in an elegant manner. Something seemed to change tho - as the man froze in his movements and straightened his posture. "Chiyoko.. i did not realize they where your humans.. Sadly, I must leave, fair miss" he muttered but smiled hastely towards Nao, before escaping the group - but leaving the glass on the table.

Nao just blinked in confusion. Why did he call them humans? Like he was not one of them. Seriously, this was starting to get annoying. She wanted answers... As Chi-chi joined them at the table, Nao cleared her throat and raised her chin high in a confident way and placed her hands in her lap. "Im sorry for getting all impatient, lady Chi-chi. But would you be so kind to explain.. this place... you people... everything... and also, why am i hallucinating? Kyo seems fine but i keep seeing impossible things... like i've eaten something wierd, but im quite sure i haven't eaten anything wierd" she said tilting her head slightly to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of Kyos reaction from the corner of her eye. There, she'd confessed to seeing things... They would probably think she was going mad. But she needed to get it out, it had troubled her for quite a while...