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Snippet #2682347

located in Ekland Farm, a part of The Spirit Detectives, one of the many universes on RPG.

Ekland Farm



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Character Portrait: Duncan McAlister Character Portrait: Briella Adair Character Portrait: Leon D'Artagnan Character Portrait: Cassandra Artemis Character Portrait: Monk Dawa
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After the dark entity launched itself at Cassie, the screens filled up with static that hurt Duncan's ears. Suddenly the air around the command station dropped a few degrees, no where near as much as it had in the parlor room just moments ago, but enough to give Duncan that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

When the monk comes hurtling out of the room, a rather banged up looking Cassie in his arms, and drops to the floor with her, muttering and drawing a salt circle, the spirit detective curses under his breath, opens his bottle of water, then stands and rushes over to the doorway. Looking back into the parlor room, it's gone dark, the lights they had set up are out, but even so he can see some dark shape with red eyes staring back at him. "Have a drink on me, you bastard!" Duncan yells at the thing before tossing his water into the room.

The bottom of the bottle hits the floor a couple of feet from the entity, causing the water to splash up like a small geyser. Where the water hits the dark thing, smoke seems to rise up, holes appear in it as if it were made from a sheet of black cloth that had been touched by burning embers. The dark things screeches and then fades away once more, and a second later the lights come back on and the temperature rises.

"Holy water, works every time..." Duncan mutters, keeping himself between the parlor room and his friends. "I knew it was a good idea to have a priest owe me a favor. I had him bless all the water bottles before we came here."

Duncan stands there a few moments longer before turning to Cassie and Dawa. The monk seemed to have thing under control. He wondered how the dark thing had gotten to Cassie if she had the silver key though. Silver was, and usually did, ward off spirits. Looking back into the room he can see a few of her things scattered about on the table and the floor beside it, and among them he notices a glint of light. Going into the room, slowly, he walks over to Cassie's things and begins to pick them up. The glint turned out to be the silver key, which he pockets for the time being. He finds candles, and among them an indigo one has broken at the middle, so it hangs by the exposed wick. This causes him to pause, he remembers reading something about that particular color having to do with psychic abilities some how. With a shrug he puts the candles away in the bag, then goes to pick up the cards.

After gathering up what he hopes to be all of the tarot cards, he finds one has escaped his reach. "Ten of cups huh? And upside down. I wonder what that could mean?" Duncan says to himself as he places the card on the deck and shuffles it a couple of times before putting the deck away as well.

Ten of reverse... A voice says. Again it comes from right behind Duncan, and he can feel it draining his energy to communicate with him, but the words seem to be in his this time, the drain barely there. Broken home...very apt card. You should not have come here... The voice seems to be that of a young woman.

"Will you tell me your name?" Duncan asks, taking out the spirit box again. Turning it on he hears nothing but static for a moment, then the feeling of energy being drained disappears. Just before he turns off the box he hears Elisabeth come through loud and clear. Then the presence is gone and he relaxes a little. "Elisabeth? The daughter of Jakob...I didn't read anything about her soul being stuck here..."