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Snippet #2682807

located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Character Portrait: Valko Character Portrait: Sinclair Character Portrait: Lune Character Portrait: Raven Character Portrait: Harper Character Portrait: Finn McCool Character Portrait: Doctor Character Portrait: Skye Character Portrait: Marion Character Portrait: Arumat Character Portrait: Zero
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"I was hoping that Valko might take a little bit longer to get the poor girl adjusted to this new world, but it looks like I was wrong. I had hoped to simply watch the scene unfold and strike at the opportune moment. Pity." Sinclair speaks as though this doesn't bother him, but the rogues would know just by a look that their leader was irritated. The head of the rogues looks across the street as Valko and his people emerge from the shadows.

Normally a Reaper goes unnoticed because they choose to do so. Being made of pure spiritual energy, they are all but invisible to most humans until they choose to show themselves. If they ever decide to do so. With a sly grin, Sinclair runs a hand over his face, making it so the humans, as well as the demon, can see him. To anyone looking he would have simply appeared out of thin air. but of course, in such a panicked situation, no one noticed him. Not yet at least.

"Both of you fall back, take position. Raven, I want you to summon your weapon, keep it trained on the demon, and if I should give you the signal, wound it, but do not kill it." Sinclair says, keeping his eyes on Valko and the other Reapers who stuck with the laws of Death. "We may need to kill it, but not just yet. I have other plans in mind. Lune, be a good girl and try to make sure Raven doesn't get struck down from behind as he aims, yes?"

As he moved through the shadows Sinclair sent out a call to the other Rogues. While the haunted mansion was their home, not all of the Rogues spent their time there. Some had their own haunts, others were often away on whatever mission Sinclair assigned to them. But with the call, they would hear his voice in the back of their minds, beckoning them to him.

Sinclair takes a few steps forward, until he is standing in the road at the edge of the intersection opposite the demon. By now an ambulance has arrived, and a woman has gotten out of the back and run over to check on the dying woman. Raising his right hand, and looking not at the woman, but the puddle of blood around her, the Blade Reaper moves his fingers like a wave before extending his index finger and jerking his hand upwards. In reaction, a needle of blood rises out up, piercing the throat of the paramedic. Soon she falls and her blood mingles with that of the dying woman, and the demon growls.


The demon had no name, was not intelligent enough to need one. It is an engine of chaotic energies and rage given a physical form. It knows enough to hunt and trap, what it can and cannot feed on. Human souls are tasty, but the soul of a Reaper? Like the nectar of the gods to a demon. And now this one can smell several of them, close at hand and moving closer. People scurry about in fear and the demon laughs.

More death. More blood. As it watches, the demon can see one of the Reapers cause the death of another human. Two free, tasty souls awaiting him. Lowering his hand he ends the interference from the megaphone, and the sound that emerges from it next nearly deafens the man holding it. The demon ignores the sound and instead lunges for the two dying humans. He opens his mouth wide, so wide that his cheeks tear open, and swallows the two humans, body and soul. He absorbs the souls at once and a light seems to turn on in his eye as he begins to think in a more intelligent manner, and realizes that the black haired Reaper may be an ally, which makes the other group enemies.


Doctor watches as Valko opens the portal. On the other side is chaos, and the Doctor knows what must be done without their leader saying a word. Walking over to Harper, Doctor puts an arm around the young Reaper and half walks, half pushes her into the shadows as the other pass through ahead of or behind them. Once they emerge Doctor keeps a hand on Harper's shoulder, even though she flinches away and seems to have grown a bit pale.

"Doctor, thank you. Keep close to Harper, I don't want anything happening to-" Valko's words are cut off when the demon growls. He turns in time to see Sinclair take on a physical, visible form, and walk towards the demon, stopping as he begins to manipulate the blood. "Dammit, we're late! Everyone, you know what to do. Watch out for the Rogues and other demons, keep an eye on one another and try not to be noticed. I'm going after Sinclair."

Without looking back Valko rushes forward, and as he passes behind a black van he takes on a physical form as well. By the time he emerges on the other side, it seems as though he just stepped out from behind the van and stumbled into a run. At full speed he reaches Sinclair, hoping the fool doesn't do anything to attract attention. Just before Valko makes to grab his rival by the collar, screams can be heard. Distracted, he looks over to see the two bodies lift up into the air before disappearing.

"Good to see you, old friend." Sinclair says, and then Valko feels pain explode in his left side. Looking down he finds a blood dagger melting away.