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Snippet #2682856

located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Character Portrait: Valko Character Portrait: Sinclair Character Portrait: Lune Character Portrait: Raven Character Portrait: Harper Character Portrait: Doctor Character Portrait: Skye Character Portrait: Zero
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Upon receiving his orders, Raven saluted slightly at Sinclair before moving back to find some higher ground, preferably with a little bit of cover. He didn't bother to check if Lune followed him or not, if she didn't then he might end up having more fun than expected and if she did he would have someone nice for company, but he would be happy either way.

One of the nearby buildings had a fairly low roof and for the fun of it Raven decided to climb up the side. After scrambling up, he summoned Orion with practiced ease, moving into a position that allowed him to overlook the scene. Weapon in hand, he slipped his glasses on out of habit before notching an arrow and taking aim at the demon.

"Legs it is." He wasn't aiming anywhere vital, he wasn't stupid enough to after Sinclair had given orders to keep the demon alive, and attacking its legs would hamper it's chances of running from them should they decide to kill it after all.

By the time this was done, the green-eyed Reaper observed Sinclair kill the paramedic - was it a peace offering to the demon? He also watched with morbid fascination as the demon swallowed the two humans, seemingly whole. Orion remained fixed on the demon, even if its summoner appeared distracted.


Zero had been contently watching people as they ran, screams in the distance prompting the small girl to wander just what they were running from. She was sat on a bench, smiling softly as the scene unfolded. Had she remained undisturbed she likely would have stayed there for a while.

As it was, she heard a call in the back of her mind and upon hearing Sinclair's voice she straightened up, face schooled into a serious expression. Standing, she turned and began to weave her way through the crowds, picking up her pace until she was almost running.

A minute later, she turned the corner just in time to watch a demon devour its meal. She noted that it seemed to regard Sinclair in a somewhat positive light, perhaps her Master was trying to get the demon on their side. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Raven and a moment later Lune. Though she disregarded them for the moment in favor of paying attention to what Sinclair was doing.

She stuck to the shadows as she moved, absently summoning Starlight to one hand as she left the other free in case she got the chance to use her ability. Zero could see Valko's Reapers arrive from her position, her former leader followed by the one in the plague doctors mask and was that a new girl? She also noted that the samurai one seemed to have tagged along as well. This would be tricky.

Still, she settled herself into position several metres away from Sinclair, just as the man stabbed Valko with a blood dagger. Her Master likely already knew she was there, and it wouldn't surprise her overly much if the other Reapers did too, still with Raven and Lune at a distance, she wanted to be by Sinclair's side if this ended up in a fight.


Skye had calmly observed as Valko welcomed the new Reaper, though made no moves to introduce himself to her. He didn't pay much attention to the details, he had seen this happen enough to know roughly what would happen. Though Valko opening a portal to a chaotic scene with a demon certainly was new. So they were jumping straight into it and having the new girl tag along then?

Doctor moved to take the girl - Harper, he remembered her introducing herself as - through the portal and Skye waited for a second before following the three through. He arrived to the scene just in time to see Sinclair stab Valko.

He paused for a moment in surprise before a cold fury started burning through his system. His leader was injured, one of the few people he cared about and was loyal to was injured. Skye's expression darkened, a cold smile pulling at his lips as he summoned Desolate Edge to his left hand, Resolute Edge appearing in his right at the same time. He might not have had a chance to put on his armor, but he would still fight.

Weapons in hand, Skye started running toward the pair. He needed to get Sinclair away from Valko, preferably as quickly as possible. Wind coated the edges of the blades, the invisible element extended his reach slightly and upon reaching the pair, Skye made a diagonal slash towards the rogue with Resolute, Desolate following a moment later.

Distracted as he was, Skye never noticed the demon not far away from them, nor did he see the other rogues waiting.