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Snippet #2683261

located in Somewhere in the World, a part of The Masks of Death, one of the many universes on RPG.

Somewhere in the World



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Character Portrait: Valko Character Portrait: Sinclair Character Portrait: Lune Character Portrait: Raven Character Portrait: Harper Character Portrait: Doctor Character Portrait: Skye Character Portrait: Zero
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Lune summoned her mask to hide her emotions, feeling somewhat insulted due to being talked down upon like that. She knew Sinclair probably did it to get on her nerves, but that only dulled the edge of her seething, not destroy it. Still she was glad her position wasn't one of outright fighting just yet.

She did sigh when Raven went up the roof. It was a smart idea from a tactical point of view, but that did not take away that Lune had to follow him up there to better protect him, something that was rather hard to do with her relatively heavy dress and platform shoes, let alone her injury.

Nevertheless she persevered, and a few minutes later she was standing on the roof, looking slightly disheveled. It was a good thing that none of the other side had noticed the two rogues yet, their attention mainly drawn by the demon, the scene and Sinclair.

Speaking of which, Lune felt even more revolted by her leader than usual, when she saw his actions favouring the demon over two innocent souls. She filed this away, to rest with the man's other Sins.

She was loathe to use Judgement on him however, even if it was the answer to her problems. After all, it didn't just give her a list of deeds, but more importantly the name of the Sinner. It was a priceless advantage, and not one she would reveal and give up on easily, even to get rid of someone as vile as Sinclair.

Then there was the matter of Zero. The other girl would likely attack her as soon as she executed the ability towards their leader, something she'd rather prevent. It wasn't like it was a bad matchup for Lune, when it came to fighting, as her method of combat didn't use her ability anyway, therefor not being crippled when the other girl used her nullification, but despite her devotion towards Sinclair and his goal, she was mostly a good kid.

She watched on as Sinclair stabbed Valko, and Skye rushed in. Doctor seemed to be staying close to the new girl, who had seemingly frozen up, as her lack of interaction with the world around her would seem to indicate. She was somewhat glad there seemed to be no one left to target the two of them, although she remained vigilant. One or several of the opposing group could still be astralized after all.